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Kurt's Kicks, Men's Strappies and Indie's Hat


"A Naked Girl Wearing Lots of Gold": For once, Vice Magazine eschews all irony and delivers on their promises. [Vice]

All Apologies: Something still smells wrong about the Kurt Cobain Chucks—even if they are more tasteful than previously advertised. [Trashbag Aesthetics]

Who Says Size Matters?: Agent Provocateur plus the Cooper Mini equals a crowded back seat. [Hypebeast]

Playing Footsie: Amy Odell introduces the men of Union Square to the latest in designer "Mandals" with completely unsurprising results. [NYMag]

Will Indiana Jones Bring Back the Hat?: These guys say, "yes. We say, "hahahahaha". [Too Spoiled Models]

Alan Suits Up, Damon in Denim and Next-Gen Girdles

publicschool2_crop.jpgPublic School

Fall Semester: Catch a preview of Public School's latest collection. [We Are The Market]

Strong Suit: Local fave Steven Alan tailors up a storm. [UrbanDaddy]

Same Old Song and Dance: Popular ##### and tabloid target ##### ##### has just penned a deal with ##### to market his/her signature fashion line "#####." We couldn't give a #####. [WWD]

Acid Wash: Look, if Matt Damon really wants to wear a trucker tux then back off and let the guy wear a trucker tux—unless you want he should crush your neck with a book. He can do that. [A Socialite's Life]

Something in The Way: Given that the only part of Kurt Cobain the cameras captured on April 5th, 1994 was his One-Star-clad leg, we can't help but think this new Converse collection is in very poor taste. No joke. [The Daily Swarm]

The Talented Mr. Minghella: In more depressing/Matt Damon related news, Anthony Minghella—the creator of some of the most sartorially precise movies of the 90s and all-around solid guy—passed on yesterday at the young age of 54. [NYTimes]

Contain Yourselves: "Shapewear" and "waist eliminators" are the new buzzwords for the "festively plump." [WSJ]