Mean Green Machine: Who says hybrids have to be slow?
Not Shelby, that’s for sure. [ href="">Wired]

No Smoking: Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
Sometimes it’s a pointlessly complex electronic device. [ href="">Crave]

Kosher Ink: Seems you can still get buried in a
Jewish cemetery even if you’re tattooed. Hide your “No Fear” brand
from the world no longer. [ href="">NYTimes]

Downgrade: Miranda Kerr switches from Orlando Bloom
to the greasy scuzz who first called Lindsay Lohan “firecrotch.”
Meanwhile, you are charming, polite, fresh-scrubbed, thin and alone.

User Friendly: Man, that Mac guy gets all the
starlets—all the starlets. [ href="">D-Listed]

Lady Law: Señor ACL picks his favorite men’s
style rules set down by Consuelo Castiglioni of Mari. [ href="">A
Continuous Lean]

Going Both Ways: See, you can become the
womenswear model you always wanted to be. Dreams do come true. [ href="">Jezebel]

Topping Out: British mom-and-pop store, Topshop,
continues to roll out the goods. [ href="">The

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