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Nina Agdal Embodies the Endless Summer

  • Kempt Staff

Beach Bound: Naturally, Esquire catches up with Ms. Agdal in Colombia to see how it’s all going. [Esquire]

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Three Polos to Get You Through Summer

It never fails: the sun comes out, the coats go into storage...and pretty soon, we’re thinking of polo shirts. They’re a warm-weather classic for most of the Western Hemisphere, and for 2012, we’ve rounded up the three most important models, from the preppy to the fashion-forward, to help you attack the summer in style.

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Bike Style Strikes Back

This snap comes from Paris Fashion Week, where Maison Kitsune sent a few models onto the runway with bicycles in tow.

Normally, we’d support the move (certainly better than SUVs), but we have to worry for the state of their clothes. If the well-coiffed model in question actually mounted that bike, his cotton shirt would be sweaty-going-on-gross inside of 10 minutes. It’s more like bike style in theory.

Instead, he should take a page from our expert and try a wool base layer... or maybe just lose the suit.

Hayley Atwell is Windswept

Hayley Atwell

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The French are Coming


While the menswear War of the Worlds rages between Milan, Savile Row and wherever Americana comes from, Paris has been building up a hip and underrated minimalism. Think of it as the menswear middle ground.

The latest Kitsune collection is the perfect example: full of well-cut camp shirts and staggered Breton stripes. Throw in summery whites and Italian linen blends, and you’re ready for the beach.

It’s along the lines of Band of Outsiders or APC: slimmer versions of staples you’ve been eyeing for a while. The look isn’t quite as aggressive as leaving the house in a double-breasted blazer, but sometimes that’s just what’s needed.

And if you leave the house looking like this gentleman tomorrow morning, we’d call that a win.

French Press


Behold, the French side of trad.

Last season, the French accessories brand Flouzen collaborated with Kitsuné to bring us the Foxtail Tie—a crisp, color-blocked tribute to the fictional fox in "Fables de la Fontaine." This season’s soon-to-arrive collaboration embraces the Ivy League epidemic with five styles inspired by Ivy League color palettes as a French iteration of the J. Press modus operandi. (Apparently Dartmouth, Cornell and Brown didn't make the cut.)

However, their brazen admiration of preppy roots isn’t the only thing that caught our attention—the ties are made of delicate, handknit cashmere. While the cashmere tie venture is certainly a rare occurrence, we think it’s worthy of significant consideration. It’s the ideal fall accessory—the happy neckwear medium between the cashmere scarf and nothingness. Hopefully this fall will continue to bring more versatility to luxe knits.

We’d like to take every opportunity to indulge our collars.



The French brand Kitsune caught our eye with their spring collection, shown above. The name is Japanese for “fox”—hence the logo—and the designs are suitably multicultural. (For instance, the collar on that dress shirt seems distinctly Asian.) The brand doubles as an electronic music label, leading to one of the more confusing websites we’ve seen in some time.

They opened a flagship store in Paris a few weeks ago— 52 rue de Richelieu, for the curious—that will focus as much on their music as their clothing.

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