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Kirsten Dunst Has Something to Tell You

Almost Blue: A very close look at some lust-worthy dip-dyed jeans from Tender Co. [OEN]

One More Round: The wisdom of a Portland bartender. A highlight: “A Negroni was the kind of cocktail that changed my view on what cocktails are.” [Esquire]

The Horse Race: A detailed look at a Polish sledge race, timed for the dead of winter. We just found our new favorite sport. [Reuters]

Your Hate-Read of the Week: And finally, the worst thing you’ll read about Linsanity. [Deadspin]

Kempt Goes to Cannes

Cannes Red Carpet

After disappearing late last week without a peep, our intrepid editorial director Randy Goldberg finally resurfaced—telling stories of the Riviera and a close encounter with Sir Robert DeNiro. Of what really went on there, we have only this record… When our friends at Stella Artois asked if I had a couple of days to drop by Cannes, bunk down at Chez Jacques at the near-perfect Carlton Hotel, help close out the Festival and generally use the word Riviera as a verb, I obliged. I brought a tuxedo, a pair of trunks and an appetite for le destruction. As for what I found there, all the rumors are true: yachts made of solid gold, an endless fountain of truly mesmerizing creatures, gala-side dealmaking, Chanel breezes, 30-euro cocktails, le Palm D’Or, flashbulb sunburns, method acting during hotel lobby brawls (that would be Mr. Gosling), enough rose to drown a desperate housewife, and, of course, the gracious hospitality of Jacques D’Azur.

Below, a few passing shots of how I saw things…»

Rashida Jones’ Impression of a Cat

Rashida Jonesvia GQ

The Look of Determination: The latest self-made lookbook combines a purple Phineas Cole DB with a deadly serious life mantra. [Less Gentle Men]

The Founding Father of the Wide Tie: Ralph Lauren sat down with Oprah for her final show, and a few kindly bloggers distilled the crucial info. [Mediabistro]

Mr. X, We Presume: A photoset in honor of Malcolm X’s 86th Birthday. In optical clubmasters, as in many things, he was ahead of his time. [Secret Forts]

The Greatest Actress in the World: Visual proof of Kirsten Dunst’s acting talents, in gif form. Not to be missed. [Four Four]

Missy Rayder is in Motion


Girls on Film: V Magazine branches out into video. [V Magazine]

Tit for Tat: A clever designer has put together the definitive infographic on breasts. Always good to know more. [GOOD]

Marty: In time for Shutter Island, Vanity Fair digs up a Casino-era Scorcese interview. Not a fan of flying, it turns out. [Vanity Fair]

Cosplay Goes Mainstream: Kirsten Dunst, Takashi Murakami and McG seem to have had the same extremely strange idea at once. [WBE]

Dunst As A 'Boy', In The Trench &amp Ford Gets Focused

Slam Dunst: Scott Sternberg unveils Spring ’09 for his vanity collection Boy for Band of Outsiders. Everyone’s favorite aloof, hipster blonde whines her way through the sharp but muted looks. [Trend Mill]

Waist Belt Warzone: The crucial debate of updating your trench coat, or keeping some things sacred (for the love!). [Valet]

Because We Love a Trilogy: Part three in A Continuous Lean’s Autumn Look series, wherein the Moncler puffer jacket gets a gentleman’s touch, and we get out our wallets. [ACL]

Ford Made: After four post-Gucci years, a men’s empire and the umpteenth nudie magazine profile, Tom Ford might be making good on that promise to direct a feature film [Marc Malkin]