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Word Life


Good books get all the press but a good sentence is worth quite a bit on its own, especially if you’re trying to get through it on an elevator ride. And with tweets, status updates, and email signatures popping up just about everywhere, a perfect one can get surprisingly far.

That’s where Words Move Me comes in. Ostensibly a twitter clone, it’s devoted to those perfect turns of phrase that would be read aloud to the living room in simpler times. Nowadays, they’re posted on the internet and—once synergy catches up with things—auto-tweeted, transformed into Facebook quotes and generally set loose into the many-splendored world of social media. Even better, the site was set up by Sony to promote their new Kindle clone, which means you’ll be able to direct the whole affair from a handheld device about the size of…well, a book.

In Defense of Books


For all our gushing about the Kindle, it’s still sad to see something like this happen, and we thought we’d take the opportunity to go down the list of paper’s many virtues.

There are a lot of them, including an attention to typeface and graphic design that’s unlikely to filter down to the Kindle for a good five years. But most importantly, there’s nothing like holding an object in your hands that’s been passed through dozens of hands before yours. You can’t inscribe an eBook, and as far as sentimental attachments go, objects will always win out.