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KillSpencer Rides Again


If you’re suffering over your bag choices as much as Guy Trebay is, we may be able to offer some assistance. Don’t worry, it involves waxed cotton.

Previous Killspencer creations focused on rescuing great fabrics from the trash pile—specifically disused military tarpaulins, conditioned to withstand just about anything—but this time around, for the Classic Collection, it’s a little more basic: a black filter twill recipe dug up from military outfitters circa 1837, treated with water repellant wax and stitched into everything from a weekender satchel to a briefcase.

The collection hit the online store launched this morning for your browsing pleasure, and while you won’t find any day-to-day totes, but we’re guessing this utility bag would make a pretty good substitute.

Stay Focused


We saw Killspencer on UrbanDaddy a few days ago, but sometimes it takes a bit of video to get our attention.

The west-coast marque makes bags out of discontinued military tarps—not a bad gimmick, but a little advertising never hurt anyone. So we were even more impressed when we ran across this video, we were understandably intrigued.

We could have done with a little less racking focus…but nobody’s perfect. The music (made from the rhythmic clicks and whirrs of a sewing machines) and the shots of the merchandise (always in quick shots or very close up) add up to a surprisingly effective spot that shows very little of the actual merchandise.

Of course, if people want to see what’s for sale, they can always look at the website. Like most spots, all this one really needs to get across is excitement.

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