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Harnessing Your Chino

  • Najib Benouar

We won’t spend any more time extolling the virtues of chinos. You’re probably wearing a pair now. We’ll just say this: a classic is a classic—from British officer khaki to go-to-hell red. It doesn’t matter what you’re hearing right now, you’ll be wearing chinos of every stripe, summer after summer, regardless of what #menswear is telling you. Which is why we'd rather survey the whole spectrum—a little reminder of what was and a little inspiration for what will be. Whether you’re going full-on Lapo Elkann or keeping it classic, Miles Davis-style, let this be your guide.

Let this be your guide»

The Perfect Summer Color Scheme

In the editorial world, we like to talk about trends, but some things just work. They’ve worked for decades and they’ll work for decades to come, long after the double monks of the world have come and gone. Our favorite example: the divine convergence between navy blue and khaki, the two poles of gentlemanly spring style.

The eternal appeal of navy and khaki, and how to make it work»

The Summer DB

This handsome cotton jacket just came down the transom from Drake’s, offering a pretty good primer on what double-breasted style looks like in warmer months. Our favorite touch: the strong navy blue in the tie and pocket square, all the more important set against the wide swaths of khaki.

The bad news is, this one will only be available at the Clifford Street shop in London, so most of you will probably have to seek double-breasted solace elsewhere. We’d suggest Cucinelli for the well-heeled and a custom tailor for everyone else. (You may even want to show them this picture.) And remember, keep the shoulders in proportion.

Ships Comes to Tribeca

Ships doesn’t get the press of Beams or Honeyee, but they’ve been one of the main players in Tokyo’s heritage revival. And more importantly, they’re currently finishing up a pop-up shop at Tribeca’s Grown & Sewn—a khaki artisan you might remember from the Pop Up Flea. We stopped by today to check out the goods, including Inverallan sweaters and some of the finest sweatshirts known to man.

A tour of Tokyo’s best heritage menswear, currently touring Tribeca»

The State of the Khaki

The khaki is having a good year.

Our Exhibit A is this pair from Brooklyn’s own Left Field, which sports a herringbone pattern so subtle, you won’t even see it unless you’re looking closely; it’ll just look a little more weathered than your average chino. Throw in a decidedly non-skinny cut and you’ve got one of the most versatile pairs of pants we’ve seen all season.

And if you don’t feel like dropping $180 just yet, we’d direct you to Exhibit B, Dockers’ Alpha Khaki, a surprisingly rugged item that hit the $60 sweet spot on the Dockers site earlier this week.

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The Look of Summer


We’ve got good news: summer’s almost here.

Or at least spring/summer.

This snap comes from Steven Alan’s newly unveiled Spring/Summer lookbook (the goods just arrived online as well), and while we bet you’re already acquainted with the magic of a crisp set of khakis and a well-fitting polo, it’s worth noting just how well this chap’s pulling them off. Notice the sleeve of the polo, hitting at the thickest part of the bicep—or the uneven roll of the pants, showing just enough bare ankle to make it clear it’s all on purpose.

Let’s do this.

Roll Call

  • Najib Benouar


As temperatures rise, your pant legs have a natural inclination to do the same.

Forget all that Thom Browne suiting; we’re talking about the pants you’re wearing right now, and the ones you’ll be wearing from here on out. It's time to give your ankles some fresh air and sunshine.

And the first step in summer-izing your cuffs is a time-honored maneuver we’ve dubbed the summer roll.

Here's how to pull it off»