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Gone Batty, Defending the Slouch, and Tom Remains a Spinster


Six Films Made Better by Batman: What? Only six? We can think of thousands. [Maxim]

The Right to Sag: The ACLU is threatening a court battle in defending the slouchy pants wearers of Flint. [Newsweek]

Last Action Hero: It's always nice when the protagonist looks like your sophmore-year roommate. [The Moment]

New Classics: Albam may look familiar, but it's fresh as can be. [Dejour]

Very Punny: Kenneth Cole's are really starting to push people in the wrong direction. [Gawker]

No Tom Jr.?: Tom Ford isn't exactly in a hurry to squeeze out puppies—which is good given that he still doesn't have one of those newfangled man wombs. [NYMag]

Wanton Suit Destruction, Lil' John Grows up, and The Cardigan Conspiracy


Negative Reaction: Kenneth Cole falls $3.1 million into debt. Where be your cheeky billboards now? [DNRNews]

Cardigan Cabal: The international press is conspiring to make the Cardigan today's, "dead sexy chick magnet." Almost Orwellian, ain't it?

Restoration Hardware: John Varvatos' conversion of CBGB's is taking for-frigging-ever. [Racked]

Lil' Bit More: Crunk poet and Renaissance man Lil' John not only has his own celeb clothing line on the way, but is currently vintnering up a storm at Little Jonathan Winery. All class that one. [Pro Hip Hop]

Collateral Damage: The new Bond film is an absolute blood fest, destroying one innocent Tom Ford suit after another. [VogueUK]

Co-Ed Naked Design: Matthew McConcaughey and his old lady create new clothes to shed while walking on sunny pacific beaches. [Gawker]

Kenneth Cole, Topcoats, and Victoria’s Twinkie


Bitterness in Print: The Times tears into *Victoria’s Secret*’s Herald Square outpost. Apparently one of the perfumes “smells like an alcoholic twinkie.” [NYT]

Tartan Life: Pondering the subtle charms of the plaid topcoat. [A Suitable Wardrobe]

Arms Race: Kenneth Cole prefers tattoos to guns. [Racked]

Sounds Familiar: Our favorite sunglasses get a little more recognition. [Refinery29]

Bespoken: The national press catches on to the LES tailoring boom. Even if they do call it “Mark Andrews Bespoke.”[DNR]