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Return of the Kendi


One of our favorite tie brands just resurfaced, after a brief stay in the web-less wilderness. The brand in question is Kendi, which dropped off the radar at the end of last year, but just reappeared in Gargyle's new pop-up shop, and nobody’s happier than we are.

They’re the polar opposite of Vittorio’s new line: impossibly skinny, roughly textured and generally unsuitable for anything resembling work. But we’ve always been a bit more concerned about our evening appearance anyway…

Feeling Thin


We were all set to write about Kendi—the ties look good right?—only to discover that in the few months since we heard about them, their website has reverted to a zombie site plugging In case you forgot, it’s rough out there, and a dearth of interesting ties is the least of our worries.

If anyone has any news on the fall of Kendi, drop us a line. Otherwise, we’ll just wait for the leftovers to show up on eBay.