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Kempt Digs: The Hill-side’s New Patches

  • Kempt Staff


The Hill-side has been trading in rare Japanese textiles for years, with their idiosyncratic ties loved the blogger-world over, and now they’ve gotten the brilliant idea of turning some of the scraps into iron-on patches.

Technically, you can use them to spruce up any clothing looking a little worse for wear, but we like the idea of an elbow patch—it’s no secret that we’re fond of a good set of elbow patches, but usually they’re your typical leathery or tweedy patch meant to blend in more than stand out. Since all of the packs come with three different patterns, you’ll either have to mismatch your elbows, fun-shirt-style, or buy two of the same set.

Get a closer look at our favorites, after the jump...»

Kempt Digs: Todd Snyder Gets into Sneakers

  • Kempt Staff


We’ve been tracking the meteoric rise of menswear’s all-around stand-up guy, Todd Snyder, and his eponymous label for the past couple years now.

And here’s proof, once again, that the guy can do no wrong: his new line of sneakers (in collaboration with Kempt summer-footwear favorite, SeaVees) has just launched.

They’re the sort of rubber-bottomed, city-to-beach weekenders that are right on time for the warmer months to come—and they’re a little more #menswear than your average cotton sneaker. Case in point: the navy pair have a herringbone weave that looks a lot like your favorite tweed blazer. Our favorites have to be high-tops, with a Chuck-like silhouette and Japanese twill upper.

Check them out, along with the rest of the collection, after the jump.»

Things We Learned at the Sleep-In with Sleepy Jones

  • Caitlin Ganswindt

Sleepy Jones

The other day we received a curious invitation to a 24-hour sleepover with promises of reading, writing, painting and pondering...

Naturally, we obliged, and ended up happening upon one of the most unusually spectacular scenes we’ve ever encountered: pajama-clad ballerinas draping doorways in calisthenics, jazz-fueled pillow fighting and the soft, familiar scent of whiskey and bedsheets.

So in the name of journalism, we took pictures. And we’re setting down a list of lessons we learned from the night, starting with...»

Kempt Digs: The 1974 Robert Redford Great Gatsby


You may have heard of an upcoming Gatsby film from a guy named Baz “shiny things everywhere” Luhrmann. Perhaps here. Or here, even.

With all the hullabaloo around a bow-tied Leonardo DiCaprio, we thought it worth remembering that this is not the only pass made at turning TGG into a movie.

In fact, Robert Redford gave a master class in Jazz Age chic way back in 1974—the year young Leo was born.

Here are five reasons that film’s worth revisiting.»

Kempt Digs: Sid Mashburn’s New Playbook

  • Najib Benouar


The inimitable Southern dandy shopkeeper Sid Mashburn has just unveiled a nifty little guide on shoe care he’s calling The Mashburn Shoe Shine Playbook.

It plays out like a flowchart of footwear maintenance based on what material you’re working with (suede, calfskin or shell cordovan) and how much time you’ve got (no-huddle, two-minute drill, etc.), which then leads you to the proper tools and procedure. It’s especially well timed as the spring and summer footwear comes out of storage.

Which means you ought to just bookmark it now.