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A “Boy-Eat-Dog” World

In addition to crooning love-makin’ ditties, the president of the United States demonstrated over the weekend that he can deliver a joke—even if that joke refers to him eating dogs. Yes, we know it’s super cool for journalists who weren’t invited to condemn the White House Correspondents’ Dinner these days, but we’re still fans. After all, in what other setting can you catch the leader of the free world attempting, and failing, to wink.

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Eve Meyer Has Covered Her Bed in Pink

Eve Meyervia WBE

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Keith Olbermann Is America's Most Fired Man

Keith Olbermann

It’s not easy being America’s Most Fired Man.

On Friday, Current TV joined the long list of networks that have fired Olbermann, and by last night, emails between the impeccably coiffed anchor and his former network had already made their way into reporters’ hands. Also, Visa and MasterCard may have lost track of 10 million credit card numbers, and more info on the winners of a $640 million jackpot started to trickle out. Luckily, we’ve got it all in your weekly briefing after the jump.

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