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Investing in Kate Moss

  • Kempt Staff


In these uncertain times, you shouldn’t be making any shaky investments.

Gold. Bitcoins. Pleated trousers. All too risky.

Luckily, our pals over at UrbanDaddy just tipped us off to the latest Christie’s auction dedicated solely to the very bankable Kate Moss—for the most part, it’s photographs, but there’s at least one woven tapestry of her face in the mix. And in our professional opinion, there’s no stronger financial move right now than Kate Moss.

So we’ve assessed the best investments in the bunch, after the jump.»

Kate Moss: A Nudity Retrospective

  • Kempt Staff

Kate Moss

Last week, we heard from someone, who heard from someone else, who heard from her hairstylist, that Kate Moss will be toplessly gracing the cover of Playboy’s upcoming January 2014 issue.

You know, all reliable sources.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re very excited about it. Though it is kind of a long time to wait for a girl who hasn’t exactly been nudity-averse for the majority of her career.

So, in the interest of holding you over until the—ahem—spread comes out next year, we’ve compiled 65 of Kate’s least clothed moments for your viewing pleasure, after the jump...»

Kate Moss Always Grows Northward

  • Kempt Staff

via The Libertine

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