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Menswear in Europe and Karaoke in Portland

  • Kempt Staff

Overseas Steez: Gant Rugger unveils their latest editorial featuring “Team Americano”—a roving band of menswear bloggers in Europe.

Today in Bizarre Fashion Collaborations: Adam Levine, Nicki Minaj and Kmart are teaming up for a capsule collection. (Now that’s news you cannot use.)

Country Feedback: The playlist from one man’s journey into the heart of karaoke darkness—which, apparently, is Portland, Oregon.

Supply and Demand: GQ gets an exclusive sneak peek at Suitsupply’s fall offerings. Dapper double-breasted tweediness abounds.

A Gentleman’s Guide to Karaoke

Last week, we were slightly embarrassed by our performance at Kempt’s annual karaoke gala. So we asked our resident scissor-kick champion, Alex Heigl, for advice.

There are two ways to navigate karaoke: the way of the lurker, and the way of the champion. The lurker attends karaoke only in body, not in spirit; he makes snide comments and half-heartedly mumbles his way through an ironically selected song because he can’t drop his aura of detached coolness. The champion commits, and wins over the entire bar/company/city with his heroic singing.

You are not a lurker.»

Ruby is Being Hypnotized


Very Sleepy: The lads at Vice test the gullibility of their models. [Vice]

It’s Happening: LCD’s James Murphy shares his wisdom and karaoke picks—specifically Lou Rawls’ “You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine.” Well done. [Opening Ceremony]

The Top is Down: Steve McQueen’s ’58 Siata 208S (that translates to “beautiful red convertible”) has found its way to eBay. Commence yearning. [Autoblog]

Padding: What to expect from your iPad. Apparently it makes a lousy tennis racquet. [CrunchGear]