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The Five Best Lines from the Kanye West Interview Interview

  • Kempt Staff


Man of style—and Kempt 100 inductee—Andy Warhol was on to something when he founded Interview magazine in 1969...

And we can only imagine that the latest issue’s cover interview of Kanye West, by 12 Years A Slave Director Steve McQueen, was exactly what Warhol had in mind. It’s lofty, insightful, absurd (in both its artistic meaning and the usual one) and chock-full of great thought-bites from the inimitable Mr. West.

It was tough, but we managed to distill it down to the five most interesting lines...»

Public Apology Style

  • Najib Benouar


The public apology has become one of our era’s defining phenomena.

It’s usually the same routine: a press conference or talk show appearance is scheduled, there are a few choked-back tears, perhaps beside a dewy-eyed supporting cast, and finally an avowal to right their wrongs. But the one thing that’s not always the same is how the transgressor has dressed for the occasion.

So, with Anthony Weiner back in hot water—and subsequently catching some heat for his preppy spectrum of pant choices this summer—following last week’s reports of Eliot Spitzer campaigning in the same exact tie he wore during his public apology press conference, we thought we’d take a look back at the various styles on display in the past few years of public apologizing.

Disgrace under fire, a style retrospective.»