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Shop Here: Kansas City

  • Kempt Staff


The MLB World Series kicks off tonight in Kansas City, pitting their Royals against San Francisco’s Giants. And while SF has been gaining serious menswear street cred over the past few years, Kansas City has been no slouch either—home to blogger favorite Baldwin Denim, among others.

So if you happen to find yourself in the Paris of the Plains this week to take in the first leg of the Fall Classic, make sure to stop into these shops while you’re in town.»

Mach Twelve


Speaking of the movies, the most recent Bond outing recently brought our attention to an entirely new kind of director: the Kansas City graphics firm MK12.

You may have seen their work before in the titles of The Kite Runner or detailing Will Ferrell’s humdrum existence in Stranger than Fiction (both from Quantum director Marc Forster), but the opening titles of a Bond film are iconic enough to be any animation worker’s dream job. Add in a desert setting and Jack White and Alicia Keys’ fantastic title song, and you’ve got one of the best intros in the series.

Well played, gentlemen.

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