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The April Issues

  • Kempt Staff

Jason Bateman GQ

Now that it’s spring, everything is abloom—even your local newsstands, thanks to the newest crop of magazines swathed in brightly colored menswear.

In other words: the April issues have arrived.

And in our grand tradition of taking the pulse of printed menswear journalism, we’ve thumbed through all of the highly glossy/flammable pages of the usual suspects to give you the rundown on the upcoming trends, recent cultural phenomena and the requisite amount of eye candy.

Without further ado, the April Issues.»

The Rise Of Dapperness, Justin Bieber’s Terrible Hat and Living The Adam Levine Life

  • Kempt Staff


Things Are Looking Better: An indepth look at the seemingly inexplicable rise of the well-dressed man by T Magazine (fine, we won’t take all the credit for it).

Topper Gore: Justin Bieber popped up wearing a bedazzled baseball cap recently, much to the dismay of Esquire who’ve rounded up some better options.

Cardigan And Again: Put This On ponders the economics of a chunky knit shawl collar cardigan: spend a few hundred today, save thousands on heating bills over a lifetime…

Maroon One: A useful guide for those of you out there considering following the tao of Adam Levine, courtesy of Four Pins.

Candice Swanepoel Still Won’t Admit She’s Lost

  • Kempt Staff

Lovebirds: Bellerose is back with more of the same awkward ornithological lookbooking. [Esquire]

Velvet Fever: GQ spends a moment with Justin Bieber to dissect his leather-tank-topped, drop-crotched and studded-slippered getup at the AMAs. [GQ]

Gangsta Chap: Leave it to Put This On to dig up this video of a rapping dandy. [PTO]

Stone Cold: The blokes at Esky across the pond have got a sneak peek at some never-been-seen Rolling Stones photos from when they bunked up at that French villa. [Esquire UK]

Ben Affleck Is Not Justin Bieber

Ben Affleck used to be as reliably close-cropped as anyone in Hollywood—but it would appear those days are over.

Any discussion about Ben Affleck’s more recent coiffure these days seems to liken his man-mop to Justin Bieber’s, inferring that the 39-year-old A-list actor/director/father of three is taking style advice from a barely pubescent half-pint crooner (who, incidentally, is no longer rocking his own haircut).

In actuality, Mr. Affleck is starring in (and directing) the film Argo, set in 1979 and based on the true story of how the CIA used a fake sci-fi film to rescue Americans during the Iran hostage crisis—and he’s doing so alongside John Goodman and Alan Arkin. That’s about as un-Bieber as it gets, if you ask us.

Here are a few photos from the set...»