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…But No More than a Quantum


Going for Gold: The civic-minded Alicia Keys gets the Golden Note from a composers group. We’re guessing Quantum put her over the top. [Variety]

Half in the Bag: Porter tries a streetwear collab, and we are unusually conflicted. [Hypebeast]

In Control: An illustrated history of the videogame controller. [Gizmodo]

Because It’s Friday: Pick the Perp is the internet’s newest flash game, and the best use of mug shots since Conan moved to 11:30. [WBE]

At Last, Doing Justice to Leather


We said before that most leather jackets out there are just mistakes waiting to happen. Well, finally one that we like has fallen into our laps, and despite the timing—97 degrees and rising—good-looking leather is hard to come by, so we thought we'd share the wealth.

French DJ team Justice has teamed up with art and clothing boutique Surface 2 Air to bring you this new twist on a classic look. Not as Ramone-esque as most of the other options out there, and definitely stylish enough to not be confused with a motorcycle jacket, it should fit nicely in your closet somewhere between your summer linens and fall pea coats»

Justice for Sale, Diddy on Film and Charney Gives it to L.A.


For Whom The Bell Tolls: Kristen Bell twice in one week? What? You got a problem with that? [FHM]

Den and Geller: Kempt fave Robert Geller opens at Odin's satellite store. [Men.Style]

Can I Turn it Up for You?: Always classy that Dov Charney. [AnimalNY]

Pay it Forward: Got an extra, unused suit? Pass it on. [EarthTimes]

Get Ready to D.A.N.C.E.: Justice's new clothing line is just as hip and French as you might expect. [Stereogum]

Deal Alert: Yoko Devereaux springwear starting tomorrow. [Racked]

COS Play: Monocle takes a hard look at H+M's new branch line and the takes the temperature of European retail. [Monocle]

Rock and Roll Will Never Die: Except when it does. Hey, maybe you kids should have been out there protesting, say, three years ago. [Gothamist]

Where's Waris?: You ask. We've already delivered. [A Continuous Lean]

The Man Who Would Be King: P Diddy's fashion week documentary about his quest for LOVE! INSPIRATION! and REBELLION! and style's CROWN! was so MIND-CRUSHINGLY AWESOME! that we couldn't watch more than 12 seconds of it. [NYMag]