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Julianne Moore Has Been Stealing from the Zoo

How Your Noise Rock Sausage is Made: The Times peers into the tortured soul of Pitchfork Media and finds a reasonably fastidious, self-reflective media organization. Go figure. [NYTimes]

Your New Media Ad Guru Smells Like a 16-Year-Old: People sure are going crazy for those Old Spice spots. [TechCrunch]

First, Ditch the Water Bottle: A new app/website gives you live updates on the wait at airport security lines. [Lifehacker]

Heart of Darkness: Once again, the internet succeeds in finding the most depressing, nihilistic thing you’ve ever seen—this time, in a parking lot in Oakland, California. Your move, smoking baby. [Deadspin]

Frances Tulk-Hart is a Morning Person


The New School of Editorial: You’ll see this one in a gallery, not a glossy mag. But it’s only a matter of time. [Refinery29]

Choices, Choices: Amanda Seyfried is worried her fans don’t want to see her sleep with Julianne Moore in Chloe. We would like to assure her that this is not the case. [Vulture]

Turning Pages: Bruno Maddox is nostalgic for the world of plain-text erotica. Not to be a whippersnapper, but it seems like the sexual equivalent of riding a horse to work. [GQ]

To Go With Your Power Tie: Lifehacker praises the power nap. Unfortunately we fell asleep halfway through reading the piece. [Lifehacker]

But What I Really Want to Do is Direct


Now that Tom Ford can do whatever he wants, he’s decided to direct a movie. He’s roped in Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, and the sainted production designers from *Mad Men*, so he’s off to a good start, but we’re still a little unsure about Ford’s new incarnation as movie mogul.

The movie is adapted from *A Single Man*, a day-in-the-life novel about a bereaved gay college professor in California in 1962. The novel is a gay touchstone—Elton John named an album after it, to give you some idea—so Ford’s interest isn’t completely out of left field, but it still seems like an odd choice. Ford’s ads and even clothes seem designed to project a guy’s-night-in-Vegas aesthetic. How well will he transition to measured musing about the passage of time? Is this just getting back at Thom Browne for snagging the *Mad Men* wardrobe? We'll have to wait and see.

At least those goggles are going to a good cause.