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Kiss and Teller


Marc Jacobs’ favorite photographer is bringing out some new work to the Dutch gallery De Haan Haarlem, and lucky for us it found its way to the internet.

It’s a bit more abrasive than his ad work, naturally, but his absurdist streak is still alive and well. Our favorite—other than the pharmaceutical snap at left—poses the famous William Eggleston in a rural parking lot behind a grand piano. As homages go, that one takes a lot of brass—but apparently Eggleston liked the joke enough to play along.

If you find yourself in Haarlem (no, not Harlem), you should swing by.

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Don Draper, Continental Flair, and the Preppiest Movie of All Time


The Camera Man: A web-based photo retrospective of Marc Jacob’s favorite photographer. [FashionIndie]

Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Men: Apparently casual misogyny and the occasional angry crotch grab go over pretty well with the Park Slope housewife set. [New York Observer]

A Gaping Void: Documentary proof that Europeans love the Gap. When we said continental flair, this isn’t what we had in mind. [IHT]

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Missing in Action


It looks like Mr. Teller is up to his old tricks again, seducing the lovely Ms. Maya Arulpragasam into this voluptuous pose for the latest Marc Jacobs campaign.

That’s M.I.A., for the non-Pitchfork-educated. She’s been climbing the charts, soundtracking movie trailers, and getting big-upped as this year's future of rap (according to Nas, the future of rap circa 1992). Add in a little subcontinental glamour and she should be the perfect spokesmodel, right? Well, almost»

Grand Design


Today, PSFK points us to another web gem. This time it’s a post about pre-experience design. That’s (apparently) what brainy ad folk call your expectation of the product, built up by the various things you’ve heard about it. The shining example is the ubiquitous iPhone ads that made everyone want to be able to turn their phone sideways and “pinch” to zoom. Creating the experience starts before anyone buys an iPhone, the argument goes. If you really want to enjoy that wine, he suggests, you should start by buying an expensive glass.

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