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Iselin Steiro Prefers The Winter

  • Najib Benouar

Eat Pray Chop: The Times interviews the man behind Best Made Axes, and it's no hatchet job. [NYTimes]

Another Adventure?: Judd Apatow has decided that the world is in need for some more Pee Wee. And that it's time to remind us how not to wear a bow tie. [Variety]

Ship Out: Scientists condemn the Shape-Up “toning sneakers” for leading to a drastic uptick in achilles injuries. Notwithstanding the uptick in foolish-looking people. For shame, Comeback Joe. [USAToday]

Strong Buzz: Sparks step aside. MateVeza combines Yerba Mate and IPA in an attempt to be the first drinkable alcoholic energy drink. We’ll be the judge of that. [The Q]

Buttoned Down


Beauty is a Rare Thing: Devon Aoki lends a bit of skin to the new round of ads for Italy’s RA-RE. [FashionIndie]

We’re Detecting a Pattern: Gitman Brothers gets into the tie game with two- and ¼-inch ties in their classic plaids. They look awesome, and they're in limited stock, so click fast. [Blackbird Blog]

Funny Person: Judd Apatow is self-effacing, bearded. [A. V. Club]

We Prefer “the Ghandi”: AskMen goes servicey with a rundown of the best hairstyles for the balding. Don’t laugh; your time will come. [AskMen]

Lassos, Colored Socks, and the Electric Car


Man?s Best Friend: We'?re referring to the new Lotus Evora, of course, with a slick interior at last? [Uncrate]

Bloggers Dismayed!: All around the globe, bloggers are typing away about the downfall of RedLasso, the once brilliant blogging tool that is being dismantled by superpowers NBC and Fox. A sad, sad day. [New York Times]

Control Your Temper: Thin lapels finally get a chance at an Emmy. [A Continuous Lean]

Who Whoulda Thunk It: Apparently the socks you choose to wear with your suit says a lot about your fashion sense. [A Suitable Wardrobe]

World?s Funniest Man: After Dave Chapelle'?s crackup, it seems like Judd Apatow was destined to take over this title. Here?s a brief interview with the 2nd coming. [Defamer]