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Edita Vilkeviciute is Too Bohemian for Sheets

Scarf it Down: A comprehensive guide to the world’s university scarves. The J.Press ones may be authentic, but they’re a good deal stiffer than anyone outside the Ivy League would put up with. [Valet]

The View from Miami: A survey of Art Basel, courtesy of The Only Art Blog That Matters. [World’s Best Ever]

Knots and Other Weapons: A gentleman’s guide to the Monkey’s Fist knot, excellent for repelling assailants or fashioning a makeshift cufflink with thin string and great dexterity. [A Continuous Lean]

Gotta Wear Shades: Deep thoughts on the campy brilliance that is John Carpenter’s They Live. [WSJ]

A Gentleman’s Guide to Scarves


As part of our ongoing commitment to keeping you outfitted for winter, we thought we’d take a moment to appreciate the scarf.

It’s easy to overlook, but increasingly crucial as we move into the arctic parts of the year. And unlike previous entries, this one’s pretty responsive to the styles of the day, in particular the trad, the lumberjack and the sailor. (Choose wisely.)

As for tying it, we’ll just say this: pros use the European Loop.

Now, to look at those scarves»

Ana Beatriz Cannot Believe Herself

Red-Headed Stepchild: A book excerpt retells the Conan-Leno debacle with insider info, punchier dialogue and a few gratuitous sex scenes. [Vanity Fair]

Presented Without Comment: Gucci now makes $225 3D glasses, in aviator frames. We take no official position on this development. [Luxist]

Together At Last: A lost duet between Ray Charles and Johnny Cash finally escapes from the vault. [The Guardian]

The End of Prep: J.Press cashes in some branding cred for a limited line with Urban Outfitters. [Sartorially Inclined]

Going Wide


Engineered Garments’ latest line of casually rumpled elegance is definitely worth a look, and it provides some prime trendcasting fodder. The big loser? Ironing boards. The big winner? The plaid tie.

To be fair, plaid neckties have been a growing presence for some time now—not least on the racks at J.Crew—but this kind of wide, large-check neckwear is more the kind of thing you’d get from J.Press, and it rarely gets this much love from the fashion-forward crowd. Matching it with your pants like this gentleman is still a pretty advanced move, but it’s good to know Mr. Suzuki’s still got love for the preppies.

In the Club


Scott Sternberg has always been good for a quote or two. Case in point: Last time the Band of Outsiders honcho checked in for a serious interview, he ended up dropping gems like, “Style fills the gap between how you see yourself and how you want other people to see you.” (Seriously, marinate on it.) So we’re always happy to listen in…

Most recently, he popped up as part of the Sundance Channel’s Full Frontal Fashion video series, comparing himself to more established icons like Ralph Lauren, J. Press, and Brooks Brothers: “We’re all drawing from the same well. But the filter through which we put it out there, and our personal quirks make it all quite different.” In Sternberg’s case, the preppy lineage comes by way of Jean-Pierre Léaud (he confesses a mild obsession in a separate clip), but Léaud’s not that far off from rugby players and businessmen—or at least not in Sternberg’s eyes.

But for variety’s sake, we’re hoping he doesn’t take up polo.

Color Me Impressed


Madras has been picking up steam as a look for some time, but it’s still best kept to the fringes of your outfit to keep from overdoing things. Maybe a bowtie or two?

Luckily, the ur-preppy outfitters at J. Press (via ACL) happen to be in the midst of a spring sale, meaning you can walk away with this particular bowtie for less than $40, and plenty of statelier neckties for only a little bit more. And if you have a seersucker jacket handy…it might be time to get it out of storage.

Up for Auction, Extra Padding and Blissfully Unaware


Banging the Gavel: With the recent sale of Carla Bruni nudes and the new offering of this Michael Comte Gisele shot, it's clear that British auction houses are becoming the place for top-drawer spank fodder. [Vogue UK]

Penny Pusher: Every time blue-eyed, honey-blond men's fashion blogger Amanda Brooks writes a tribute to a male dress staple, we fall a little harder. [Men's Vogue]

More Cushion for the Pushin': If you're using padded underwear to get laid, there's really nothing we, or anyone else, can do for you. [NYMag]

Supercops: English bobbies may soon have cool designer capes. Maybe it would be cooler if the government gave them firearms, but what can you do? [BBC]

Big Bubba: Bill Clinton uses big fat, dies to distract the eye from his big, fat mouth. [HuffPo]

Stupid is as Stupid Does: England's premier scientific journal, The Sun reveals that the more educated a woman is, the harder it is to satisfy her sexually. Well, duh. [The Sun]

Preppy is as Preppy Does:Brooks Brothers debuts their Black Fleece collection. [Luxist]

Prada's Revenge, Squiring Bosworth and The Fur Flies

Kate Bosworth

Vengeance is Hers: Guy Trebay reports that Miuccia Prada called her new collection, "revenge on men for the social and sartorial contortions they impose on women." Run you fools. [NY Times]

Blue Crush: Kate Bosworth's beau asked if she was Kate Hudson when they first met. Great "neg" dude. [NY Observer]

Wooly Bullies: There is no escaping the fur. [AFP]

Shoe Shine: The bestest sneaker polish kit ever. [Cool Hunting]

Hot Wrap: "Gossip Girl" character drives sales of polka-dot J.Press scarf. [Racked]

Hip Waders: The new Levis Red line—jeans for anime characters.[Denimology]

Bye Bye, Miu Miu: Prada discontinues the men's side of their bridge line. [WWD, 1st item]

Designer Knocks Off: Margareta ven den Bosch, the longtime head of design at H+M is retiring and being replaced by pupil Ann-Sofie Johansson. Now, maybe, that Ma and Pa shop can finally sell some clothes. [DNR]

Jack and the Beantown, Gunn vs. Calves, Yoko Speaks, and More

Yawkies Rejoice: Not only is Jack Spade opening a store in Boston, but designers Matt Singer and Chad Buri are inviting locals to a welcome-to-the-hood cup of cider tomorrow night. [Click for Invite]

Hems Down: Tim Gunn comes out against high-ankled pants—somewhere Thom Browne furrows his brow. [Canadian Press]

Local Hero: Coutorture speaks to Andy Salzer, Brooklyn-bred creator of Yoko Deveraux. [Coutorture]

4-in-Hand: That 4-hour-workweek twerpeven knots his ties more efficiently than you. [Fourhourworkweek]

Blueblood Style: The extremely elite history of J.Press. [Yale Daily News]

The Bro' Code: Apparently, any successful men's product should start with "M" or "J." Do mukluks count? [Perfect Pitch]