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The Stylings of Joy Division, Michael Bastian for Uniqlo and Style Advice from Cary Grant

  • Kempt Staff


Joyous Occasion: Well Spent finds some sartorial inspiration in Joy Division, a band that “dressed like they sounded.”

Standup Pat: On the passing of football announcing legend Pat Summerall, his longtime on-air partner and friend John Madden gives him a heartfelt sendoff.

Marco Polo: The Times gets the scoop on the new line of polos Michael Bastian has designed for Uniqlo. The Middle of Fashion: The timeless style advice from one of the best who ever did it: Cary Grant.

Factory Records


The industrial fad is old news by now, but usually it means Curtis-ish models truding down runways in all black. But what about all that actual industry?

The internet’s catching on, as high-res factory pictures have become the latest photo trend. You can find a set of some of the best here (via Andrew Sullivan), but a quick flickr search will get you hundreds more. So far it’s just photos, but we wonder how long it’ll be before someone's asking for a few more steam vents in his apartment. Bud Fox, maybe?

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Ode to Joy

  • Jared Paul Stern


Now that the weather feels like Manchester, we thought it appropriate to chime in on the much ballyhooed Ian Curtis biopic *Control*. While The Clash's Joe Strummer worked hard to achieve style icon status, Joy Division frontman Curtis only really reached his posthumously—and even then to a much lesser degree. Of course, since he killed himself in 1980 at the age of 23, he didn't get much of a chance. But rakish rock'n'roll photographer Anton Corbijn goes some way toward setting the record straight in his supercool film.

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