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Field Report: Joseph Abboud


NYFW: it’s happening. And while none of this stuff will be available for a good seven months—or until the weather’s gone from cold to warm to cold again—we consider it of paramount importance that we keep you informed (and show you how stylish future-you could be). Hence, a series of quick-and-dirty posts on as many of the shows as we can get to.

Up first: Joseph Abboud.

The background: This is Abboud’s second menswear presentation since Bernardo Rojo took over as designer—and gave the line a younger, techier approach to tailored suiting.

The formula: equation

Degree of difficulty: Moderate, to our surprise. If you only know the brand from their ads’ sharply tailored suits, you might be surprised at the futuristic gear you’ll find here.

The showstopper: An emerald-green horsehair jacket.

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Lord of the Ties


Apparently the death of the tie is a pretty touchy subject for some. A Continuous Lean got their own little bit of Olch-related blowback, but apparently MR Magazine got it a fair bit worse. That’s trade papers for you: everyone’s an insider.

As a response to this blog post, the trade paper received no less than three angry letters from heads of neckwear companies, bemoaning the decline of their once-fruitful cravats.

Dispatches from the front line»

Gumshoe Style, Abboud Branches Out and Buried in Beer


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The Gospel According to Paul: Loden Dager designer shares his theories on manhood. [Dejour]

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All That Jaz


Department-store staple Joseph Abboud has been spending some time in court lately, and not for the usual industry shenanigans. Abboud’s misstep this time was, of all things, designing clothes.

Back in 2000, Abboud netted a very respectable $65.5 million by selling the rights to his name to JA Apparel. But it seems his heart, and possibly also his name, was not entirely in the deal. In April of ’07 he made a few innocent-looking “loans” to Alden Shirt Company, only to emerge, after a few more intermediaries, with a new company, Jaz, completely separate from JA Apparel.

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