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Style Icons Wearing Undershirts


Here’s a little history lesson for you: plain white T-shirts first appeared in the late 19th century, when some manufacturer decided to split the union suit into separates. And originally, they were meant to protect one’s finer outer layers from the perils of, well, sweat.

Like boxers for your chest.

But the rules have changed in the past century. The undershirt has, on occasion, been called to take sartorial center stage. Like before bed. Or between takes on set. Or during takes, for that matter. And throughout it all, some brave, overtly stylish men have succeeded in proving that these baser layers can be worth way more than their thread count.

So we’ve assembled the finest moments in Style Icons Wearing Undershirts for you, after the jump.»

The Real Winners of the Golden Globes

  • Najib Benouar

Perhaps the best part about last night’s Fey-Poehler-helmed Golden Globes was that all the tuxedos on the red carpet kept it on the straight and narrow. (It’s a trend we’ve been readily noticing for a few awards shows now.)

There weren’t many faults to find in anyone’s tux—aside from the usual suspects and nitpicking bow tie sizes—so we had a hard time nailing down the winners. The competition was strong. So strong that we think Clooney may have been temporarily dethroned from his notch-lapel tuxedo reign. But in the end, there were a few contenders who became champs last night. And it had nothing to do with who ended up on the podium.

So without further ado, the three real winners of last night’s Golden Globes.»

Elena Baguci Is Game

  • Kempt Staff

It’s Whiskey Season: Valet celebrates American rye whiskey—in turn, you should celebrate by drinking it. [Valet]

Red Zone: Esquire plays dress-up with the red carpet’s best dressed—from Hamm to Baldwin. [Esquire]

Not All Flash: Engadget get its hands on the most menswear camera on the scene right now: the Leica X2 Paul Smith Edition. [Engadget]

Ill Willard: SNL couldn’t wait till Saturday to satirize Mitt Romney. [LA Times]

The Lost Pages of Esquire’s Jon Hamm Profile

Jon Hamm is Esquire’s cover story this month, but the profile itself is a little... unusual.

That’s a delicate way of saying “off-the-rails crazy.” Just to prove he can, Tom Chiarella peppers the profile with outrageous lies on the level of a Chuck Norris joke. So in the first thousand words, we learn that Hamm sleeps in a self-designed hoverbed, keeps four eagles in his own likeness and cannot read. Apparently, he also has a new movie coming out.

If you haven’t read it, it’s here, but we’ve got something else for you first. In the name of investigative Hamm journalism, we dug up a few lost pages from an early draft of the piece. (A midnight burglary of the Hearst Tower may have been involved.) Check it out after the jump...

The lost pages of Esquire’s Jon Hamm profile, acquired through suspicious means»

The January Issues

It’s magazine time again.

January’s usually an off month for glossies, which explains why this month’s crop is featherlight. Details didn’t even weigh in—thanks to December’s double-issue—but there’s still plenty to piece through, like the wisdom of Oates, blogger blue’s close-up and the rise of Parisian style.

Here’s everything you need to know from January’s crop of magazines»

Our Emmy Premonitions

As you may know, the Emmys are this Sunday. And in the interest of getting a jump on the live-bloggers, we’ve developed something called a “pre-cap.” It combines an in-depth study of the nominees and presenters with a reckless disregard for accuracy—resulting in minutely detailed premonitions of what will happen at the ceremony, a mere 48 hours from now. Update your Emmy pools accordingly.

Join us, won’t you?»

Kempt Man of the Hour: Simon Hammerstein

Friday night saw one of the better parties LA’s had in quite some time: a pop-up of burlesque club The Box, on the west coast for one night only.

The man behind it, commissioned by Belvedere Red, was the magnificently bearded Simon Hammerstein—proprietor and creative director of the Box. Naturally, he brought out his best suit and his best pair of Barker Black slippers for the occasion. He even pulled off the oft-maligned French blue shirt, to the chagrin of bloggers everywhere. It’s a lesson: if you keep your clothes simple and your fabrics dark, there’s nothing scary about a more vivid shade of blue.

And given that the crowd included Jon Hamm, Andre Balazs and Lydia Hearst, coming away as the best-dressed of the night was no small feat.

Take a look at the rest of the crowd…»

The Google Box


In the Shadows: Katy Perry goes all expressionist for Complex. [Complex]

I, For One, Welcome Our New Overlords: On the heels of Google Wave, the Mountain View gang unveil something that looks suspiciously like virtual reality. Sadly, the swimsuit module will take a bit more time to perfect. [PSFK]

Only Getting Madder: Mad Men’s third season will have an extra commercial break and two fewer minutes per episode. And yes, we’re so Hamm-starved that this qualifies as news. [Vulture]

Pencil it In: The style world gets sketched. We hope Thom Browne’s nose is ok… [Men.Style]

Canned Hamm


It’s been a while since the last Mad Men episode, so we’re looking for we’d almost forgotten how much we like Jon Hamm. Luckily, he reminded us.

This Funny or Die clip showcases Mr. Draper’s comedy chops, taking on the role of a bailout-seeking Lex Luthor. Naturally, it requires him to trade his usual pomade-heavy coiffure for a bald wig, and the suit isn’t up to his usual standard, but we’re ready to be pitched just about anything at this point.

And as bailout seekers go, we still like him more than John Thain.

See the video»

ScarJo, Junya, and Mr. Hamm


New York Cheesecake Factory: Vanity Fair confirms its relevance in these troubled times with a slideshow of some of their best pictures. [Vanity Fair]

Eye Spy: Complex catches on to our second favorite optician. [Complex]

Up Close: Interview sits down with Junya Watanabe, and tries to figure out what’s up with all those inside-out jackets. They do not succeed. [Interview]

Happy Birthday: Jon Hamm, better known as Don Draper, turns 38 today. We wish him the best of luck with his acting and bathroom-based-meat-product careers. [TakePart]

Wallpaper, Jewel Theives, and Jon Hamm


The Paper Chase: Another day, another tasteful wallpaper. [NotCot]

Oh Lydia: Lydia Hearst joins the blogger ranks. Good to know it’s still possible to break into media. [Gawker]

The Parisian Job: A fast-paced jewel heist goes fabulously right. As a bonus, the article begins with the sentence, “Their timing was as impeccable as a tourbillon watch, a luxury timepiece whose name means whirlwind.” Definitely one for the record books. [NYTimes]

Such a Hamm: Jon Hamm and Zach Galifianakis take public access discomfort humor to new levels. [White Lightning]