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The Square and the Hip

Something Wild

Just like the army, there’ll always be a counter-culture. And even in Gekko-era Wall Street (quite possibly the squarest setting imaginable), there’s always a chance for a change in style

Something Wild arrives on Criterion tomorrow, quite possibly the perfect parable of counter-cultural temptation. The prospect of buying a car from John Waters, hitting the road in a thrift-store suit and seeing the Feelies play a high school reunion still sounds pretty good—even if you like your suit the way it is.

Heidi Klum, Fashion Week, and a Very Large Suit


Weigh Station: A German designer has declared Heidi Klum too fat to be a model. Something tells us Seal is beating the crap out of this guy as we speak. [Page Six]

Four Score…: Keeping score at fashion week is a full time job. So far, we’d say Robert Geller by a nose. [The Moment]

Lonely at the Top: The real victims of the downturn are Russian billionaires. [Luxist]

Think Big: Jonathan Demme finally spills the beans on David Byrne’s famous big suit. [The Guardian]