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Dusting Off: Throwing a Pie in Someone’s Face

Aaron Rodgers was blasted with a towel full of shaving cream during a postgame interview on Monday, marking the unfortunate migration of the practice from Major League Baseball to the National Football League. As we discussed a couple weeks ago, there’s no shortage of juvenile celebratory antics on professional playing fields these days.

We’re all for practical jokes, so long as they’re not cheap, bastardized versions of iconic pranks. And where we come from, a towel full of shaving cream is not a Boston cream pie. You’ll notice the difference, too, when the latter is inextricably (and deliciously) welded to your eye sockets.

Here now, for inspiration and guidance, are some great moments in pie-in-the-face history...»

Nora Arnezeder Got Jokes

  • Kempt Staff

[caption id="attachment_21894" align="alignleft" width="217" caption="via Esquire"][/caption]

Une Blague: Esquire’s latest installment of “Funny Joke from a Beautiful Woman” is not as much about the punch line as it is the wonderfully Parisian-accented journey, with Miss Arnezeder. [Esquire]

Over Andover Again: Ivy Style catches up with one of the most influential men in the American trad universe, Charlie Davidson. [Ivy Style]

Road Dog: Mashable has unearthed a rejected cover design for On the Road drawn by Jack Kerouac himself. [Mashable]

Hello, Brooklyn: In a surprising twist of sartorial-based economics, the Spanish hat trade is being supported by the dapper Hasidic Jewish population in Brooklyn. [NY Times]

Juliana is Disappointed In Her Poodle

Today In Totally Serious Editorial: Art of Manliness wants to dust off the codpiece, slowly but vigorously. [Art of Manliness]

Sized Down: Martin Margiela’s latest shades come with lenses slightly too small for the frame. Based on our research, this is not a prank. [Por Homme]

The Old Type: The Times travels into the dark, seedy world of the vintage typewriter trade. [NYTimes]

One Last Prank: Wanderfly just added 25 new destinations, ranging from “Funky Town” (apparently in Minnesota) and “Your Mom’s House.” The timing is suspicious, to say the least. [Gadling]

Jeans, Preppies and Cheap Bourbon


Jean Genie: Rebounding from Ms. Mendes, Calvin Klein is up to his old tricks. [My Fashion Life]

Whitest of All Time: Ms. Lambert waxes rhapsodic on St. Elmo’s Fire, perennial candidate for preppiest movie of all time. The verdict? “It’s the French New Wave via Reagonomics.” [This Recording]

Old, Old Times:Old Jews Telling Jokes” is now an internet meme. Funny, we thought it was just Thanksgiving. [Boing Boing]

Wine-Oh: Esquire hits the bottle hard with a roundup of good booze under $15. [Esquire]