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Anais Pouliot has Danced Too Hard

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“Pie is the Food of the Heroic”: A long, impassioned plea for the superiority of pie over ice cream, as published in the New York Times circa 1902. The key phrase: “No Pie-Eating People Can Ever Be Permanently Vanquished.” As true today as when it was written. [Lawyers, Guns and Money]

Passion is not a Crime

One of our favorite gentlemen popped up in New York Magazine this weekend, breaking rackets, engaging in a Shakespearean contest with his brother and generally raging against the inadequate state of the world. John McEnroe…it’s been too long.

Now that he’s not a young gunslinger anymore, he’s spending his time negotiating the tennis world in a characteristically impolitic way. He’s putting together an eponymous tennis academy on the outskirts of Manhattan, devoted to teaching kids the sport without making them foreswear all worldly pleasures like the current generation of tennis prodigies usually has to. Naturally, it’s causing a lot of headaches in the establishment—not least from his brother Patrick, who recruits young players for the U.S. Tennis Association on the other side of the fence.

The resulting profile is a remarkable look at what you can and can’t do when you don’t care who you piss off. For what it’s worth, we’d say Johnny Mac is mellowing quite nicely—and some toes deserve to be stepped on.