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Style Icons Spoiling a Perfectly Good Walk

Dean Martin, Bing Crosby and Groucho Marx, Palm Springs, CA, 1954

It may prove a bit tricky to duck out of the office this week for a twilight round of golf, given that we’re coming off a 10-day Fourth of July sabbatical. To tide you over, we now present, in no particular order, 18 photos of style icons spoiling a perfectly good walk.

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You Can’t Be Serious


We usually don’t involve ourselves in the art world’s various schemes and dealings, but when it happens to involve one of our favorite tennis greats, we’ll make an exception.

Apparently Mr. MacEnroe’s latest feat is bringing down an $88 million scheme run by an art dealer named Lawrence Salander. Salander was selling multiple shares of the same painting (think The Producers), but MacEnroe was the first to notice something fishy and call out Salander on the overall sketchiness.

Given that his other clients included Robert DeNiro, it’s no small thing that McEnroe was the first one willing to blow the whistle. Just a reminder: sometimes a fiery temperament can come in handy.