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The Autumn Glow Is in Full Effect

Autumn Glowvia Tumblr

The Woodsy Tweed: The men of Free/Man take a spin with the latest D.S. Dundee goods. Trust us, it’s better than a lookbook. [Free/Man]

The Tale of the Tape: Ryan Plett counts down his 10 favorite things, including pens and measuring tape. He’s a man of simple tastes. [Antenna]

Twirl Away: In honor of Movember (and his newly released book), John Hodgman offers a guide to mustache etiquette. [Vulture]

We’re Going for “The Snidely”: And for a second Movember dip, here’s an illustrated guide to every acceptable form of mustache. There are only 10. [The Art of Manliness]

Draper’s Hair, John Hodgman and the Majesty of the Orient


The Block: A guide to getting Don Draper’s hair. Be warned: you’ll need a partner’s salary to afford that much pomade. [The Moment]

The Shawl: The debate over shawl collared sweaters rages on. [Magnificent Bastard]

My Dinner with Hodg: The inestimable John Hodgman deigns to participate in a livechat. [WashingtonPost]

The Spoils of the Orient: Apparently Japan is a treasure trove of specialty labels. We must not let America fall behind! [A Continuous Lean]