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Lagerbear, Putin's Runway and the Hair Steps Down


Mini Marcs: These kids may eventually have Marc Jacob's cache, but will they ever match his crazy? [NY Observer]

Dapper Discounts: Loehmann's to open it's first men's store in L.A. [DNRNews]

Thread Bear: Never say that Karl Lagerfeld isn't cuddly. [WWD, 2nd Item]

Forward Russia!: Vlad Putin enjoys his own martial fashion show. [London TImes]

Cole Trickle Rides Again: Tom Cruise finds a new, expensive reason to make whooshing, overenthusiastic onomatopoetic noises. [NYDN]

Muffled: Berlin Fashion Week will crush your head. [Manolo for Men]

Deal Alert: Big savings at Stuart Wright. [Racked]

The Do Is Done: The best hair on the campaign trail calls it quits. [CNN]

Strange Bedfellows

John Edwards

Harper's Bazaar

The mixed returns from the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary have put all the candidates at high alert as their see-saw returns have force them to go on the offensive, pointing out each other's differences and shortcomings. Strangely, the frontrunners—no matter their location along the political spectrum have one thing in common: Nadja Auermann. Who'da thunk it?

The Politics of Fashion—Harper's Bazaar (Hosted on Livejournal)