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But I Want It Now: NYFW:M Stuff You Can Have Now, Part II

  • Kempt Staff
But I Want It Now: NYFW:M Stuff You Can Have Now, Part II

Fashion Week shows offer the rare opportunity to see what you and others of your well-dressed ilk will be rocking a calendar year from now. It’s like stepping into a time machine where everyone’s taking photos all the time. The king-hell bummer of it all is that you’re not wearing any of this wonderful stuff until next year. Uncool.

So we’re doing a public service today by letting you in on the best stuff you can procure right this very second from all the designers showing tomorrow. Happy acquiring.

GQ Makes Us Wonder: What Is Menswear Anymore?

  • Najib Benouar


Today GQ announced their nominees for this year’s Best New Menswear Designer—a coveted honor they’ve been bestowing upon the young Billy Reids and Thom Brownes of the menswear world for nearly a decade now.

But just take a look at this paneled photo of this year’s nominees. It could very well be a menswearified “one of these things is not like the others” puzzle from a Highlights magazine. (Hint: it’s the guy in the suit.)

That’s because only one of the nominees, Brooklyn Tailors, makes “menswear” in the traditional sense. The other three (John Elliott + Co, M. Nii and En Noir) might as well be in T-shirts and sweats. Oh wait, they all are.

Which got us thinking deeply about the current state of how we dress and where this crazy thing called “menswear” is headed...»