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Stepping Light: Rough day? Sit back and enjoy Common Projects' relaxing spring collection. [Common Projects]

Mr. Mom: First, she was a woman. Then, he was a man. Now, he's pregnant and we're dizzy. [HuffPo]

Tom Boy?: In related news, Tom Ford also plans to poop out a kid. [NYMag]

Trend Setters:Working hard to keep up to date on urbane tomboys, alternadads and all those other mythical creatures of lifestyle lore? A short peek at Radar will keep you ahead of the curve. [Radar Online]

Three Pointer: After years of sitting on the bench, Michael Jordan finally shows some game by employing Tex Winter's famous "Triangle Offense" in Miami. [NYPost]

Chic Picks: Free music from everyone's favorite fashion oracles. [Refinery29]

Who Wears Short Shorts?: Styledash don't want to see none of your inner thighs. [Styledash]

Go Greyhound: Like every other used and abused streetwalker who's seen too many hard New York nights, Fashion Week may be shuffling over to the Port Authority. [NYMag]

Go Back to Jersey: What's wrong with Joey Pants? Try everything. [Magnificent Bastard]