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A Brief History of Joe Biden Eating Ice Cream

  • Kempt Staff

Biden, Merkley Perhaps you’ve seen this magnificent snapshot of Joe Biden’s recent visit to Portland's Salt & Straw making the Internet rounds today.

And while it was an impossibly dapper display of cone consumption—what with the aviators, repp tie and rolled sleeves flashing those two crisp Hamiltons ready to make it rain rocky road on these constituents—it was not, by any means, the first time Mr. Vice Pres has stylishly enjoyed a scoop or two...

He’s even been known to double-fist:»

The August Issues: GQ, Esquire and Details

August Issues

Every month, we thoroughly examine the contents of GQ, Details and Esquire, so you don’t have to. This month’s breakdown—starring Bryan Cranston, Porsche 911s, Aubrey Plaza, fathers-in-law, biceps, porn star names, overcoats, Jon Voight, holograms, absinthe summer cocktails and words of wisdom from Richard Simmons—is after the jump.

Behold, the month in men’s lifestyle journalism...»

The Five Most Stylish (Fictional) Politicians

  • Najib Benouar


Tonight, President Obama’s State of the Union address is supposed to inspire progress and federal stimulation. But often, our focus tends to drift to the hapless sea of baggy, demure suiting filling the audience. It’s a sad sight, really—save for our one beacon of sartorial hope, Vice President Joe Biden. (We’re also giving Obama a pass here, since he’s never given us reason to fret in the past.)

If we were less civic-minded, we’d skip the whole thing and fire up a few episodes of House of Cards—if only to be reminded how a well-put-together politician actually looks (a lot like Kevin Spacey, incidentally). In fact, Hollywood seems to be the only place turning out politicians we’d actually want representing us. So, in hopes of moving a few congressmen to up their style game, we present:

The five most stylish fictional politicians of all time.»

Joe Biden Is Winning the Future

Joe Biden never lets us down.

In the midst of a night of poorly dressed politicking, Ol’ Joe was responsible for two points of light—specifically, those two points in his pocket square. For most of the president’s hour-long speech, they seemed like the most stylish thing in the room.

Sure, we would have preferred a pocket square with softer corners (he’s heard of linen, right?), but like cap-and-trade or the flat tax, DC’s just not ready for it. So we salute the man for pushing the sartorial cause forward as much as he can, and teaching a few senators what their chest pocket is for.

Shine on, you crazy train-loving diamond. Shine on.

The January Issues

It’s magazine time again.

January’s usually an off month for glossies, which explains why this month’s crop is featherlight. Details didn’t even weigh in—thanks to December’s double-issue—but there’s still plenty to piece through, like the wisdom of Oates, blogger blue’s close-up and the rise of Parisian style.

Here’s everything you need to know from January’s crop of magazines»

Kempt’s Endorsement for Beer Koozie of 2012

  • Najib Benouar

Joe Biden Koozie

We try not to get too political on Kempt, but when a candidate is running on a platform that includes keeping America’s beverages at a refreshing temperature, we’re bound to take notice.

Behold, the official beer koozie of the Obama 2012 reelection campaign, emblazoned with Joe Biden (of course) and two simple words: Cheers, Champ. (Champ being the VP’s childhood nickname). If you don’t believe us, see for yourself, in all of its seriousness.

Aside from the obvious appeal—tipping back a few Bud Heavies with the everyman VP cheering you on—this really becomes a stroke of political genius because it allows you to pledge allegiance to a candidate without a giant, piercing button mucking up your lapel.

The Herman Cain margarita rimmer cannot be far behind.

What Happens at the Day Spa Stays at the Day Spa

The Touch, The Feel: Here’s a semi-pornographic video promoting merino wool. We think it’s a metaphor for being naked inside a merino dress? But maybe we’re overthinking it. [Selectism]

The Mongolian Candidate: Perhaps you’d like to see pictures of Joe Biden preparing to wrestle two large Mongolian men who are wearing what, to western eyes, appears to be women’s clothing. [The Atlantic Wire]

Boy and Man: AoM goes all Jungian on us, deconstructing boyhood archetypes. We were always more of a “golden child.” [Art of Manliness]

Over and Over: Thomas Goetz sings the praises of the feedback loop. The takeaway: we need to buy one of those gadgets that monitors your brainwaves. [Wired]

Kempt Man of the Hour: Joe Biden

mothbiden_cropvia WSJ

Oh, Mr. Biden.

As we’ve noticed before, he’s one of the smoother gentlemen in Washington. And even when playing golf with politicians—a veritable Bermuda Triangle of slouchiness—he finds room for a little swagger. Even here, he’s wearing ostensibly the same outfit as Mr. Boehner (to the left, with his back to us), but a slimmer polo and a less cinched belt make all the difference. And most importantly, he’s not afraid to smile for the cameras.

We assume he’s inviting them to see his Trans Am.

A High Bar, Vice Presidential Watches, and Sherlock Holmes


Passing the Bar: Our favorite Israeli supermodel has inexplicable difficulty getting into the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. [NYPost]

Biden, Joe Biden: Omega watches are just one more thing James Bond and our Vice President have in common. [Luxist]

Solid Gold: Speedo is standing by Michael Phelps after Kellogg’s dropped him over the bong-laden snapshots. Doritos should jump on this. [The Cut]

Elementary: The Times is not happy about the state of Sherlock, but anyone who refers to “The Real Sherlock Holmes” with a straight face has earned a link or two. [The Moment]

The Vice Squad

debate_crop.jpgGetty Images

Last night’s debate offered one more chronicle of the political world’s baby steps towards stylish behavior. No, we’re not talking about Palin’s winks or Biden’s party-appropriate powder blue tie.

We’re talking about those chalk stripes.

Biden risked looking like a banker—a particularly dangerous move these days—and did the sartorial thing. We knew he was a well-dressed gentleman, but we’re impressed he had the clout to pull this one off. What’s next, wearing gray? Obama may be the first candidate who’s one-button suit material, and it’s nice to know he’s got someone adventurous to back him up.

Based on this picture, it looks like someone else is taking notice too.

In the Pocket

biden_crop.jpgVano Shlamov/Agence-France Presse, Getty Images

As part of Kempt's ongoing election coverage, we thought we’d take a closer look at the older, less-Alaskan part of tonight’s Vice Presidential festivities: Joe Biden.

The best recommendation of the man comes from this photo, a snap from his most recent Georgian trip. Not only does he pull off the navy-polo-on-navy-sport-coat look that’s a staple of most over-60 wardrobes and find time for a well-folded pocket square, but he manages to out-aviator the actual aviators.

That’s what we call leadership experience.

Marilyn Monroe, Fred Astaire, and Joe Biden Walk Into a Bar


The Misfits: Vanity Fair joins Marilyn enthusiasts in rifling through the dead starlet’s papers. [Vanity Fair]

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