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Caitlin Ward is a Nevernude

caitlinward_crop.jpgvia WBE

Raw Power: Iggy Pop circa 1970 was something to behold. In this clip, he takes a stage-dive, smears himself with peanut butter and puts pretty much every rock frontman to shame. [Dangerous Minds]

A Little Off the Top: Tom Chiarella sings the praises of having a barber—or, if you prefer, a “hair guy.” [Esquire]

The Endless Comic Strip: Jim Woodring just made the world’s first infinite comic, thanks to a little Moebius strip-style folding. Feast your eyes. [Fantagraphics]

The People’s Detective: Jonathan Ames is an interesting guy. And we’re not just saying that because of all the hookers. [A. V. Club]