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Jim Gaffigan on Paleness, Ryan Gosling and Sweating Gracefully

For wised-up comedy-philes, Jim Gaffigan holds a special place on the stand-up totem pole: a road-warrior stand-up who’s been touring regularly since the 1990s with a steady stream of fresh material, and a collection of bedrock bits that never fail to kill in front of sold-out crowds.

His wry, hilariously delivered and self-deprecating observations on everything from the undeniable paleness of being, to junk food (see: Hot Pockets), to the holidays are the stuff of line-quoting lore. And now he’s got a new special out (being sold online à la Radiohead), and he’s currently on tour playing a gig at Foxwoods on June 2.

We caught up with his blondness to discuss tanning challenges for the modern pale gentleman, grilling and the trashy appeal of the average baseball hat.»