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Freida Pinto is Hungry Like the Wolf

Cash, Money, Clothes: Jesse Thorn’s love of fine tailoring gets him in trouble with haters, forcing him to drop some science. [Put This On]

Borne Back Ceaselessly into Menswear: A style appreciation of F. Scott Fitzgerald. We’ll say it: the man could pull off a three-piece. [Apartment Therapy]

A Growing Demographic: Seven ruthlessly calculated pitches for TV ads to appeal to the stoner market. “Finish with a clip of a coconut being drunk through a straw by a monkey sitting next to a waterfall and four seconds of an MGMT song where they aren’t talking about trees.” [GOOD]

On the Case: The Brooks Brothers guide to your work bag. Whether you wear a suit to work turns out to be pretty important. [Rogues & Gentlemen]

Adriana Lima Has Stumbled Into a De Sica Film

The Culture of Full-Priced Couture: The Journal takes a look at the people who buy those $10,000 frocks. If menswear ever gets to here, we may have to cash in our chips. [WSJ]

Shot By Shot: A photographic look at the best dunks of the All-Star Game—including the Kia-related one. [Reuters]

Neckwearpaloozathonfest 2011: Jesse Thorn’s tie collection goes on eBay, to great acclaim. [The Choosy Beggar]

Apple Core: A gluttonous and excessive amount of information concerning the new MacBook Pros. [Gizmodo]

Marie Liljedahl has Just Seen a Bedbug

marieliljedahl_crop.jpgvia WBE

Fine. Also, Dandy: A Stockholm gallery explores the accoutrements of modern day dandies. Apparently that involves a sweet briefcase. [WeHeart]

Social Ties: Alexander Olch turns in a Moomin-themed tie-bowtie-pocket-square set for Colette. [SlamxHype]

A Broad Canvas: Jesse Thorn walks out the difference between fused, half-canvas and full-canvas suits. [Put This On]

A Gentleman's Guide to Incepting Fools: A guide to sowing the idea seeds. In general, you need to go deeper. [Lifehacker]

Edita is Unexcited by Lingerie

People Need To Know What Time It Is: Jesse Thorn lays out his surprisingly diverse watch collection, giving Seiko some well-deserved love. [Put This On]

Flipped: In the wake of what they’re calling Obama’s “mandal scandal,” Gawker counts down the vanishingly small number of situations in which it’s acceptable to wear flip flops. Strangely, this has never come up for us. [Gawker]

The Big Three: Mister Mort details the best vintage shops in New York. They’re pretty awesome. [Gridskipper]

Cut Away, Cut Away: Sart Inc comes down hard in favor of the cutaway collar. We must say, we’re not quite buying it. [Sartorially Inclined]