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Jerry Hall, Halston, and the Romance of Poor Folk


Return of the Hall: Jerry Hall emerges from her cocoon for a few slinky Chanel spots. [The Cut]

It’s a Crazy Place: Halston’s online music video/commercial manages to reference Andy Warhol and salvia at the same time. [Racked]

Semi-Biters: The Conde Nast home team’s take on last night’s festivities. Maine goes sadly unheralded. [Material Interest]

Can’t Buy Me Love: Falling stocks and rising passions? Sounds like a trend piece waiting to happen. [NYTimes]

Georgia on my Mind

  • Jared Paul Stern


We've been under no illusions as to Mick Jagger's impressive fecundity, but we thought we'd seen all the gorgeous children the wrinkly Rolling Stone planned to crank out in this lifetime. Turns out we overlooked Georgia May, 16, his drop-dead daughter by legendary stunner Jerry Hall.

Georgia just made her modeling debut in the UK for the *Mail on Sunday*'s You magazine, and we think the girl's gonna go places. She's got the signature lippage, for one thing, and has obviously been practicing poppa's pout. And in case you're wondering what it's like having Mick as a dad, Georgie confesses to the mag, “He's not as cool as you'd think he'd be.”

Oh well.