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Jennifer Lawrence Is Having a Full-Body Yawn

Blue Planet: A people’s history of hating Duke basketball, for your bracket-related consideration. [Slate]

It’s the Fuzz: After a news cycle of anti-beard press, Amanda Hess mounts a stirring defense of the male muzzle. Shia, this does not apply to you. [GOOD]

The Tobacconists: In praise of cigar linen, just a few shades richer than your standard-issue khaki suit. [Die, Workwear]

Keeping Watch: An obsessively detailed look at the Tudor Heritage Black Bay, the obscurist’s Submariner. [Hodinkee]

Jennifer Lawrence is Defying Naptime

The (Tequila) Hangover: In honor of Cinco de Mayo, Details offers a tequila survivor guide. Our only prescription is water and courage. [Details]

The Charm of Seersucker: Esquire sings the praises of seersucker. [Esquire]

Canvas and Taxidermy: The latest from the PF Flyers x Freemans Sporting Club collab. [Antenna]

Rest Your Head: A gentleman’s guide to the perfect night’s sleep. [Lifehacker]

Jennifer Lawrence Has Given Up on her Closet


Ready For Her Close Up: Jennifer Lawrence gets the Quarterly treatment. [GQ]

Ambition Personified: Roger Ebert makes a powerful play for a new gig as a New Yorker cartoon writer. [Chicago Sun-Times]

Spring Break: Peroni gives the greatest gift of all: allowing you to pretend you’re at Lake Como right now. [Trendland]

First, Zip Your Fly: A raft of always-welcome date etiquette tips from the Brits at Mien. [MIEN]