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Ana de la Reguera is Watching Squirrels

Mavis Lives: Jeff Tweedy penned a tune for Mavis Staples, and it’s pretty good. But does this mean he’s forgotten about Levon? [Pitchfork]

On the Page: The chaps at Secret Forts dig up Kerouac’s typewriter and manuscript scroll for On the Road. [Secret Forts]

One More for the Road: Science is a wash on the hair of the dog as a hangover cure. We’re pretty sure whatever else they’re working on is less important. [Good, Bad and Bogus]

Tile by Tile: We just found our new favorite delftware-covered power plant. Those crazy Dutch… [Inhabitat]

Kermit Meets Terry, Mod Style and Glowing Toiletries


Roger, Wilco, Out: StyleDash thinks Jeff Tweedy needs a style intervention due to his SNL appearance in a nudie suit. Similarly, we think Style Dash needs a music intervention due to their apparent ignorance of the Flying Burrito Brothers (video). [StyleDash]

Team Colors: An interview with sideline style leader and coach of the 5-and-11 49ers, Mike Nolan. [HuffPo]

Housing Futures: Figuring that all the collapsing real estate market needs is a fresh blazer, "Fashion Futurist Geoffrey Beane" (say whaa?) is teaming up with Century 21 (not the store) to redesign their iconic gold jacket. [Business Wire]

For Absolute Beginners: Buying into Mod style. [ModCulture via Retro to Go]

Best Men: Engineered Garments brings home the inaugural GQ/CFDA Best New Menswear Designers in America award (oh, and $50,000). [Men.Style]

Leading Lights: Luring men toward a new shaving cream is much like luring mosquitos to a high-voltage death. [NYTimes]

Historical Threads: Classic American style parsed. [A Continuous Lean]

It's Not Easy Being Green: Kermit the Frog gets his slimy, webbed hands on Terry Richardson—or is that the other way around? [Skidknee]