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Kate Moss is Unimpressed By Honeymoons

katemossrobevia WBE

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The Icon's Guide to Sunglasses

Steve McQueen

Here’s one thing we like about sunglasses: not a lot’s changed. If it looked good in ’56, it looks good now. So to help you settle on your own personal style for the summer, we’ve brought together some of the most stylish gentlemen ever to block out UV rays, together with the modern equivalent of their signature shades.

Our first candidate, naturally, is Mr. Steve McQueen…

Cheek to Cheek

Ladies and gentlemen, your iconic image of the day…

The arm and legs belong to Jean-Paul Belmondo and Ms. Jean Seberg respectively—nuzzling on the set of Breathless. It’s snapped by the unusually fortunate Raymond Cauchetier, who happened to be camera-ready for some of the more photogenic moments of the French New Wave, and is getting his due with a solo show in London this month.

This one in particular stands alongside some of the better photography we’ve seen, and not just because of Seberg’s well-shaded charm. Consider it a silverprint ode to afternoons spent inside.