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Lena Could Use a Thumbtack

  • Kempt Staff

Link Up: An introduction to the newest online haberdashery, Linkson Jack (and some spectacular ties). [Die, Workwear!]

Hov’s House: The Times gives Jay-Z more long-form love. True to form, he manages to fit in the obligatory Memphis Bleek cameo. [NY Times]

Waris Code: Some timely advice on Fashion Week etiquette from man about town Waris Ahluwalia. [Style]

Cleared for Takeoff: Understanding the shifting supply and demand of front-row seats at runway shows. [Wall Street Journal]

Jennifer Lawrence Is Making a Crop Circle

  • Kempt Staff

via Doobybrain

Cashmere Is King: A primer on neo-sprezzatura from Luigi Lardini with gems like: “First the jacket, then the rest.” [Fashion We Like]

It’s Patt: His newfound preference for Gucci tailoring has earned Robert Pattinson some well-deserved red carpet cred as of late. GQ shows us his seven-year evolution. [GQ]

H-to-the-Izzo: The Times spends a few hundred words analyzing Jay-Z’s impact on the Brooklyn Nets franchise when it took him only eight: “I’m not a businessman. I’m a business, man.” [NY Times]

Behold...: The invisible bike helmet. (Or a cold-gas-filled cranial airbag, whatever you want to call it.) [Gear Patrol]

Xenia Deli Is Daydreaming

  • Najib Benouar

via WBE

Good Will Stunting: The Washington Post has the first day of Cannes in slideshow form. Most notably, more Sacha Baron Cohen stunts—involving a model and a yacht. [Washington Post]

Unsure, Unsure, Unsure: Esquire investigates parabens—the latest scapegoat in personal hygiene products (like deodorant). [Esquire]

Olympian Ablaze: A heartwarming sports story of an American Olympian hopeful known for being “the McEnroe of Ping-Pong” and his penchant for herb. [Grantland]

The Newest Americana-phile: Jay-Z is headlining/curating a Made in America concert in Philly. Rolling Stone gets the details, while standing in front of a Pop-Up-Flea-sized American flag. (Watch the throne, Mr. Lean.) [Rolling Stone]

How to Wear a Pinkie Ring (Cautiously)

Male jewelry is always a maze of conventions, but we recently ran across a particularly complex case via A Suitable Wardrobe: the pinkie ring.

A surprising number of well-dressed men have popped up wearing them, from Prince Charles to Jay-Z, so we understand a guy getting curious—but this is dangerous territory.

Like most affectations—a monocle, for instance—if you’ve got any doubt in your mind, don’t do it. It’s not a necessity. The success rate isn’t even all that high. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll take a walk right now, forget all this pinkie ring nonsense and go back to your easy, comfortable life of wingtips and oxford shirts.

But if you’re feeling stubborn, here’s how to make it work...»

Constance Jablonski Is Keeping Her Florist in Business

Practice: Nitsuh Abebe breaks down the scene and the status behind Jay-Z’s two-night-stand at Carnegie Hall. Legendary stuff, for both of them. [Vulture]

The Heavy Coat: Ten bloggers (including your humble correspondent) weigh in on their favorite outerwear pieces. It’s a good year for the duffle coat. [Esquire]

To the Letter: Now that it’s warmer, a new crop of handsome letter jackets from Dehen. [Selectism]

The First Star: Anne Helen Petersen chronicles the rise and precipitous fall of Fatty Arbuckle. Old Hollywood catastrophe at its finest. [The Hairpin]

Liza Golden is Stretching Before Exercise

Drive Slow: Michael Williams shines light on a four-in-one brand called Slowear. [A Continuous Lean]

The Slim Fit: Kenton Sorenson pares the wallet down to bare essentials. [Valet]

The Throne Is Watched: Pharrell’s Billionaire Boys Club line just partnered with Jay-Z’s Rocawear for the streetwear equivalent of the Traveling Willbury’s. [GQ]

The Land of Trend: Inside Editd, a new, webby take on the future of fashion forecasting. [The Business of Fashion]

Natalie Wood is the Original Dog Whisperer

Natalie Woodvia WBE

Meet the Mets: A recap of the Met Costume Gala, including Jay-Z’s impeccable white tux and proto-‘fro. [Esquire]

Protect Your Neck: The chaps at Brooks Brothers (who should know) walk you through the collars of the world. [Of Rogues and Gentlemen]

The Big Brogue: Another day, another handsome brogue. [Free/Man]

Small Pleasures: No matter your situation in life, it would probably be improved by owning a tote bag that says “Misc” on it. [Better Living Through Design]

Mona Johannesson is Trying to Remember Where She Parked

Postcards from the Edge: VF digs up a treasure trove of lost Basquiat polaroids. Further reading here. [Vanity Fair]

Watch the Watchcap: The season’s best watchcaps, from $4 cotton to ribbed cashmere. [Valet]

The Man Behind the Ace: A few fall snapshots from Jou-Yie Chou of the Ace Hotel. Very cool stuff. [Secret Forts]

This is All Fact: Jay-Z talks about his book, backs up Kanye, is simultaneously cagey and enlightening. [Vulture]

Sandrine Castellano has a Way with Models


Mind Readers: This week’s dispatch from the world of indie editorials. [Cool Hunting]

Haters No Like: Nine years after The Blueprint, Hamilton Nolan takes on Jay-Z. We’re guessing this one gets less than half a bar. [Gawker]

Bootleggers: Boardwalk Empire is looking more awesome by the day. Nice to see Michael Pitt’s keeping busy. [Vulture]

Portrait of a Shirt: One of our favorite custom shops breaks down all the measurements that go into a fitted shirt. Bookmark it if you’ve got any fittings in your future. [Alexander West]

Lindsay Ellingson is in an Exotic Locale


Protect Your Necker: The Victoria’s Secret swimwear catalog brings a pack of models to scenic Necker Island. We would have liked a few more “girl with sloth” pics. [Jaunted]

El Presidente: Jay-Z saves rap, quotes Rakim, is awesome. [Interview]

Double Secret Probation: The invite-only Gilt Groupe adds a second layer of invite-only-ness. We’re pretty sure we saw a Monty Python skit about this. [Racked]

Very Bad Things: A critic’s poll of the worst movies of 2009. Megan Fox is well-represented. [Vulture]

Lily Cole is Washed Up


Ergonomic Oil Drums: Lily Cole does her part for the mermaid look. [Fashion Gone Rogue]

Cold Days: The long john is the fire axe of a gentleman’s wardrobe: Break glass in case of emergency. [Valet]

Hov is Back: Jay-Z continues to kick ass, this time in the pages of Esquire. But we’re not sure where they’re getting the “tall” part from. [Esquire]

The Misfits: Kind of like Jay-Z, Bottle Rocket is still awesome after all these years. [A.V. Club]

2010’s Opening Number


It’s a new year, and while Carson Daly is beginning to bear an eerie resemblance to Dick Clark, it’s not all the same. If you happened to be huddled around a television Thursday night—quaint, we know—you may have been interrupted by the terrifying new Jay-Z video, “On to the Next One.” It’s a new year, all right…

Making a play for Kanye’s “Mad Bomber of Rap” crown, Hov piles up quick cuts, soundstage lighting circa ’96, and a genuinely unnerving amount of corpse makeup for a black-and-white spectacle of post-Gaga pop music. Trent Reznor might have something to say about its self-proclaimed freshness, but it’s certainly a long way from “Heart of the City,” and even farther from “Auld Lang Syne.” 2010 is in for some pretty wild dance parties.

See the video»