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A Giant Stutterheim Raincoat Is the Ultimate Car Cover

  • Kempt Staff


Get this: you and your car could be wearing the same raincoat come spring...

Because Stutterheim, the upstart Swedish outfit turning out minimalist raincoats beloved by menswear bloggers and Jay Z alike, is cutting that breathable rubberized cotton material into car covers. The same welded seam and button construction goes into each car cover, so you’re essentially getting a Stutterheim raincoat for your car. Like most great minimalist design, the concept was born from Scandinavian synergy—between the raincoat maker and Volvo—and now you can special order your own Estate Svart from Stutterheim here.

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Smell Test: Gold Jay Z

  • Caitlin Ganswindt

1105_GoldJaz_HED Rapper + Producer + Designer + Agent + Team Owner + Philanthropist + Beyoncé’s Plus-One = Your New Perfumer.

Yes, Mr. Carter is getting into his eighth-ish career with his forthcoming scent, Gold Jay Z. It’s apparently the essence of an icon in a bottle: power, pride, confidence, strength, success and courage.

But what exactly does an icon’s essence smell like? Yeah, we didn’t know either. So we got our hands on a bottle early and unleashed our regiment of noses on the Smell Test™.

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Jay Z’s “Holy Grail”: A Style Breakdown

JZ_Header Google "MTV" and "news" and you’re still likely to get search results all worked up over Miley Cyrus and her already infamous foam finger. (Halloween costume, anyone?)

But in our humble opinion, the most important thing concerning the network—or at least the world of music videos—happened last Thursday, when Hova teamed up with Justin Timberlake and released his video for “Holy Grail.” The visuals include: champagne pyramids, all-black suits, immaculately chosen accent jewelry and, uh, sexy ghosts.

Behold, after the jump: all the notes you need on Young Hov’s visual lesson plan. »