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A Very Scientific Ranking of All 24 Bond Movie Villains

  • Kempt Staff
A Very Scientific Ranking of All 24 Bond Movie Villains

As you might recall, on the occasion of Bond’s last outing, Skyfall, we put together A Very Scientific Ranking of All 23 James Bonds.

Now, with the release of Spectre nigh, we’re turning our gaze toward 007’s equally charismatic and stylish counterparts from each film: the villains. In fact, it can be said that a Bond flick is only as good as its villain...

So without further ado, we present you with A Very Scientific Ranking of All 24 Bond Villains.

Who’s Got the Best Shot at Becoming the Next Bond?

  • Kempt Staff
Who’s Got the Best Shot at Becoming the Next Bond?

A sneak peek at British Esquire’s October cover story on Daniel Craig revealed an interesting nugget on whether Craig wanted to reprise his role as James Bond past the fourth outing, Spectre, hitting theaters this fall...

His answer in short: no, he doesn’t.

Which makes sense, considering the usual run for a Bond actor is about a decade and Casino Royale hit theaters in 2006. Not to mention, the door has been open for speculation ever since Idris Elba’s name was floated a few months ago (and recently stirred up some controversy when Bond’s current author dismissed the idea, calling him “too street”). But who else out there might fit the bill? And what are the odds they could make a good Bond?

We’ve got some ideas...

Kempt’s Guide to the Father’s Day Gift Guides of 2013

Father's Day

All right, the man’s not perfect. But he’s your father. And this Sunday, you have to show him that you appreciate that.

Now, fathers are certainly easier than mothers when it comes to these sorts of things. All dear ol’ Dad probably expects is your presence and a strong handshake. And maybe a card. But since he taught you not to do anything half-assed—for better or worse—you should probably go ahead and get the guy something anyway. And no excuses here; you can afford to splurge a little on the man you owe half your existence to.

From GQ to Cool Hunting to Vanity Fair, everyone’s got their opinions on where you should spend that pretty penny. So in an effort to simplify the decision, we’ve cut through all that noise and chosen our favorites... of their favorites.

For the slightly narrowed field, take a gander at Kempt’s Second Annual Guide to the Father’s Day Gift Guides (in order of Dad’s expected reaction), after the jump...»

A Pop-Culture History of Men and Shorts

  • Kempt Staff


The prospect of celebrating summer’s inaugural weekend might have you toying with the idea of spending the entire three days in a pair of shorts (especially if you plan on being poolside the whole time).

But going pantsless is a deceptively tricky move—wrought with pitfalls and misconceptions.

More often than not, they’re considered a necessary evil. Tom Ford famously said that a man should never wear them. Inevitably, someone will rib you with that moldy chestnut about never taking a man in shorts seriously. But in the right hands—er, on the right gams—they can be serviceable, arguably even stylish. It’s been done before, to varying degrees of success.

So, as menswear anthropologists, in our quest to find out how we got into this pantsless existential crisis, we present to you:

A pop-culture history of men and shorts.»

Cecilia Has Earned Her Wings

  • Kempt Staff

Cameo Filling: Grub Street celebrates the Twinkie with a movie montage of the snack cake’s impressive cinematic legacy. [Grub Street]

Airport Nachos: Details gets some excellent holiday travel advice from Mr. No Reservations himself, Anthony Bourdain. [Details]

From Taschen with Love: Driven gets a good-looking glimpse into the latest James Bond coffee-table book. [Driven]

It’s Dead... Whatever It Was: When taxidermy meets conceptual art. Who’s up for a bedazzled bobcat? [Bullett]

The Stat Sheet: Club Monaco Midnight Blue Tuxedo Jacket

  • Najib Benouar

With the various winter galas, the holiday party circuit and awards season on the horizon, now would be a good time to start thinking about formal wear.

And in particular, thinking about a midnight blue tuxedo jacket like this, from Club Monaco. Here’s what else you need to know about it.

The Story: Ever since Aaron Levine took the design reins of Club Monaco’s men’s department, everything has been coming up handsome. And with each new season, the suiting has improved by leaps and bounds. We’d like to think of this tuxedo jacket as his pièce de résistance in this season’s crop.

Who to Channel: James Bond in Skyfall; the spirit animal of Giovanni Agnelli (a midnight blue penguin); James Bond in Skyfall (seriously, he nails it).

When to Wear It: Whenever you can get away with it. Try it with jeans, or with an open collar shirt, or with... the matching pair of navy pants.

Degree of Difficulty: The only snag you might hit is in a traditional black-tie setting—since midnight blue is a little off-book, you’ll want to keep everything else on the straight and narrow. Otherwise, throwing a tux jacket into any semiformal getup should only serve to enhance your stateliness.

Think of This As: The answer to all of your black-tie quandaries.

Allow Daniel Craig to show you how it’s done, after the jump.»

A Very Scientific Style Ranking of All 23 James Bonds

  • Najib Benouar

Bond fever is at an all-time high—due to the anticipation of Skyfall hitting theaters tomorrow.

Well, we’re feeling feverish, too. And the only prescription is: more Bond. So we went back and looked at all 23 James Bond films, spent countless hours polling hundreds of menswear scientists, former secret agents and Kempt editors to finally get down to the bottom of where each and every iteration of James Bond stands—that’s right, we even pitted Dr. No Sean Connery against Diamonds Are Forever Sean Connery. And as a caveat, we decided to bar any tuxedo business—it’s a foregone conclusion that every last one of them looks impeccable in a tux—so we could really dig deep into the sartorial psyche of each. Without further ado, we bring you this:

The definitive ranking of all 23 James Bonds in terms of style, panache, tie width, turtleneck and sometimes even choice of companion...>>

This Is Going to Be a Long Dinner Party

  • Kempt Staff

via Fashion Faves

Face Time: A forehead-to-chin grooming guide that also includes a hearty helping of beer. [GQ]

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Getting Posterized: Bond-mania is reaching a fever pitch as Friday’s Skyfall premiere nears—and Gear Patrol has stumbled upon an auction of historic movie posters. [Gear Patrol]

The Art of Warlords: And in an auction just passed, Selectism finds some handsome samurai armor. [Selectism]

Monika Jagaciak Is Not Leaving Her Fridge

  • Kempt Staff

Sandy’s Photo Album: With the effects of Hurricane Sandy still slowing down everything on the Eastern Seaboard, some intrepid tweeters managed to take live pictures of the storm (presumably just before their batteries died). [BuzzFeed]

Float On: Now might be the time to take up canoeing—and Art of Manliness has the four best routes to paddle. (Aside from lower Manhattan.) [AoM]

Not... Jeans: The Sandy-induced descent into chaos continues—now the Yale Club has suspended its dress code policy. [Observer]

Unbreakable Bond: Esquire talks to the man behind the harrowing stunts in the latest Bond film. [Esquire]

Constance Jablonski Is a Nosy Neighbor

  • Kempt Staff

The Hill Side: GQ hits Capitol Hill to upgrade the style of a bunch of political-minded twentysomethings. [GQ]

Separating the Bonds: Tallying up the Bonds through the years in number of kills, martinis and conquests. [Economist]

Days Gone By: Now you can turn your favorite 365 Instagram photos into a calendar. [Highsnobiety]

Big Blimpin’: A Romney-sponsored blimp crash-lands in Florida. Everyone inside survives. (No word on Romney.) [Washington Post]

Reid... Billy Reid.

  • Najib Benouar

The gents over at Valet have uncovered the story on how Billy Reid became the official peacoat supplier of James Bond for the soon-to-be-released Skyfall. (As luck would have it, Daniel Craig had picked one up for himself a few years back and has been a fan ever since.) It’s more confirmation that Mr. Reid is still riding high. The jackets sold out instantly once a few film sleuths figured out where they came from, so another limited run is on the way, available for preorder now and shipping on the same day Skyfall is released... But of course.

Sponsored Post: James Bond Goes Digital

  • Kempt Staff

James BondPhoto Courtesy of the Cecil Beaton Studio Archive at Sotheby’s.

Fact: the book is always better than the movie. Lesser-known fact: the ebook is even better than the book (for portability reasons, mostly).

Which is why we couldn’t be happier to see Ian Fleming’s 14-book James Bond oeuvre being digitized (possibly as we speak) and released by Amazon today for your Kindle. There’s just no substitute for the written nuances that are often lost in the movies (or Sean Connery’s tomfoolery), nor the in-depth research reflected in Fleming’s writing. If you don’t have a Kindle on hand, you’ll want to notify your Q to make the proper arrangements.

Unless your Miss Moneypenny already has.