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Dharma Bums


These days, David Lynch mostly known for directing feature-length anxiety trips, but as anyone who’s seen The Straight Story will tell you, he’s got a hokey, latter-day Capra side as well. And it may have just found the perfect forum.

The Interview Project is Lynch’s WPA-style web project and, starting today, it will be posting a brief interview every three days for the next year. The first interview is with Jess, a Vietnam vet living on the road (they caught up with him in Needles, California) who makes for a surprisingly dissolute subject. He drops gems like “I ain’t proud of anything except just being alive” and “I’m six foot tall, so what?” at well-edited intervals, and offers a generally sobering look at life off the grid.

As far as web documentary goes, it’s among the better projects out there. And we can always use another James Agee.

Let Us Now Praise Famous Men


If you felt like doubting, we’ve uncovered documentary proof: James Agee was one slick bastard.

The pomade and peak lapels probably went over better in the 40s, but otherwise there’s a lot to learn from this particular man of letters. Knit ties over checked shirts still carry a good deal of literary heft, especially under a light suit with a good fabric.

And a scar or two doesn’t hurt.