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Blagojevich Goes Gray

Since he first came on the scene, Rod Blagojevich has gotten attention for his hair. It seemed too rich, too lustrous to be real. It was the coif of a college sophomore, inexplicably planted on the pate of a 51-year-old.

And now, we finally know the truth.

Blago’s barber has spilled the beans, and our suspicions have been confirmed. The man’s roots are gray. And since the Englewood Federal Correctional Institution does not permit hair dyes on the premises, we’ll be seeing Rod’s wintrier side before too long. It might even look good.

All told, it’s one more reason to keep things natural: you never know when you’ll be indicted for corruption.

Lil’ Wayne Does Time

  • Najib Benouar


As of last Thursday, Lil’ Wayne has paid his debt to society (well, save for a little probation time). And in less than a week of freedom, he’s managed to catch a basketball game in New Orleans (and a new-look LeBron), hop up on stage in Las Vegas for a verse with Drake, and throw himself a champagne-soaked “Welcome Home Weezy” party at one of Miami’s finer clothing-optional establishments. The only thing he hasn’t managed to do—yet—is drop a new mixtape. (We’ve got the over-under set at the two week mark).

But most important of all, he seems to have gotten his watch back.

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