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Thanks for the Light

The Factory Tour of Factory Tours: In honor of their ongoing collaboration, Opening Ceremony stops by the Pendleton factory, and finds a surprising amount of native American ephemera. [Opening Ceremony]

You, Explained: A comprehensive guide to the world’s Facebook profiles. [Fast Company]

Grunge, We Hardly Knew Ya: A child of the 90s looks back on the music of his youth, or Why Nirvana Mattered. [A.V. Club]

The Old Ways Are Best: Yet more Jacques love, this time with video and a useful tip for finding under-the-counter magazines in New York. [Revel in New York]

Lisanne De Jong is Bad at Yoga

Erotic Brooklyn: The Times catches up with the creative pair behind Jacques. [NYTimes]

The Citizen Kane of Hockey: Hockey has some really interesting backstory, it turns out, including this tale of hazing, false identities and murder. The Mighty Ducks was just scratching the surface. [Deadspin]

The Pajamas of the Past: A gentleman’s guide to stylish sleepwear, by way of Mad Men. [Vulture]

Night at the Museum: An Italian site has posted billion-pixel renditions of some of the great Renaissance frescoes. [Boing Boing]

Saunas are the New Nude Beaches


This Sporting Life: Jacques Magazine is up to its old tricks again. [ANIMAL]

Punk’s Not Dead: Wired rounds up some of the best punk snaps the world has to offer. [Raw File]

Be Easy: Some of Dennis Hopper’s best early snaps. Think cowboy hats, not anesthesia masks. [Secret Forts]

Pick a Card: Apparently Adam Kimmel is friends with David Blaine. Honestly, we’re still coming to terms with that fact. [Interview]

Start the Presses


In the interest of livening up an otherwise uneventful Tuesday morning, we’re bringing you a few snaps and a video from the fourth issue of Jacques, a pleasantly retro erotic quarterly out of Brooklyn. (Think Vargas girls and vintage Hef.) We wanted to keep things SFW above the fold so you’ll have to click through for the good stuff. Enjoy yourselves…

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