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Nina Agdal Embodies the Endless Summer

  • Kempt Staff

Beach Bound: Naturally, Esquire catches up with Ms. Agdal in Colombia to see how it’s all going. [Esquire]

Style Game on Pollock: Jackson Pollock was splatter painting his “dad jeans” before you were even born, young man. [Well Spent]

Got Beef: Still on an epicurean kick, Gant Rugger’s Christopher Bastin has challenged the menswear world to a gastronomic showdown... on Tumblr. [Cook Gant Rugger]

Maison Call: If you missed Maison Kitsuné’s Far Side-esque menswear cartoons from Fashion’s Night Out, have a look-see. [GQ]

Duck Hunter Camo Soldiers On

If our camo roundup left you thirsting for more HBT camo, we’ve got good news.

YMC has gotten in on the “duck hunter” action with this new shirt, a more traditionally colored version of the heritage pattern. The result is like a paramilitary Jackson Pollock—full of half-formed geometry, but not quite full enough to cover the background.

If you’re looking for something unexpected to wear under your winter sweaters, you could do a lot worse.

Put on a Happy Face


We’re giving our boy Takashi the benefit of the doubt here and assuming this is a knockoff.

Still, imagine the horrifying world we would enter if this sort of thing becomes common practice. So far the world of art and the world of things-you-can-imprint-on-your-jeans have remained blissfully separate. Nobody wants to see a formaldehyde-soaked shark sewn into your Levi’s. Pretty soon, that grungy-looking fellow with the paint-splattered chinos will be asking if you like his Pollocks.

Run, Banksy, run! Save yourself!