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Should Jack Purcells Stay Pristine?

  • Eric Twardzik
  • Geoff Rynex
Should Jack Purcells Stay Pristine?

Your beloved, smiling Jack Purcells (or whatever your white canvas sneaker of choice) are going away for the winter. It’s a tough time of year, we know. And as we tucked ours away into the back of our closets, where the summer lives, we thought about how we treat these stalwarts of the warm-weather uniform. Our Eric Twardzik is a man who believes in protecting the sparkling white newness of his. Geoff Rynex, on the other hand, likes his with some character.

And so they debated...

Go Beyond the White Canvas Sneaker This Spring

  • Najib Benouar


Now that you’ve made the all-important seasonal footwear shift, it’s time to start thinking about your canvas sneakers.

You may have noticed over the past weekend: you weren’t the only person wearing a pair of white canvas sneakers—or “plimsolls” to the Anglophiles—not by a long shot. Hence, it might be time to start considering a pair cut from a different, more colorful cloth.

Herewith, the seven not-white cotton sneakers to consider for spring...»

The Mackintosh Sneaker

Mackintosh x Jack Purcell

Ladies and gentlemen, your rainy-day sneaker. Currently on sale at Tres Bien, this is the best example of the waterproofed sneaker we’ve come across so far—and probably your best bet the next time you’re dodging through puddles. It’s the classic snub-nosed Jack Purcell with one important difference: instead of the standard cotton canvas, they use Mackintosh’s own rubberized cotton, giving each of your feet its own raincoat. If you're lucky, you might even have a coat to match.

The Fall Sneaker


With the Day of Labor just around the corner, it’s about time you packed up your white bucks and boat shoes for a long stay in the back of the closet. Naturally, we’ve got a replacement in mind: these new garment-dyed Jack Purcells (hat tip), color-matched to October hues and just light enough to see you through to boot weather. Re-coloring a classic item isn’t exactly a new trick, but these don’t need originality points. The Purcell is a pretty perfect item already and the dyes are exactly the color you'll want once the leaves start turning. Honestly, we’re a little surprised it took them this long.