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Doutzen Kroes Wishes You Weren’t Here

  • Kempt Staff

via Selectism

Road Rules: Sam Riley takes on literature’s most peripatetic protagonist, Jack Kerouac’s drifting alter ego, Sal Paradise. [Bullett]

Endless Love: John Mayer (yes, the one who wanted to run through the halls of his high school) pens an ode to his new watch. [Hodinkee]

Pee Jays: Valet rounds up a handful of classic pajamas, just in time for the holiday lounging season. [Valet]

Shawl In: Lenny Kravitz offers a master class on the difference between a big scarf and a blanket you wrap around your neck. [Reddit]

Nora Arnezeder Got Jokes

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Une Blague: Esquire’s latest installment of “Funny Joke from a Beautiful Woman” is not as much about the punch line as it is the wonderfully Parisian-accented journey, with Miss Arnezeder. [Esquire]

Over Andover Again: Ivy Style catches up with one of the most influential men in the American trad universe, Charlie Davidson. [Ivy Style]

Road Dog: Mashable has unearthed a rejected cover design for On the Road drawn by Jack Kerouac himself. [Mashable]

Hello, Brooklyn: In a surprising twist of sartorial-based economics, the Spanish hat trade is being supported by the dapper Hasidic Jewish population in Brooklyn. [NY Times]

Amanda Seyfried Has Joined a Biker Gang

Today’s Object of Desire: A Drake’s knit tie, looking pretty good. [Selectism]

A Perfect Circle: The circular Lennon shade is making a comeback. It’s a tough look to pull off—and, we’ll speculate, without much staying power—but it looks great on a runway. [Antenna]

Streets Is Watchin’: The Times sits down with street-art guru Roger Gastman…who is slightly less crazy than we had hoped. [T Magazine]

On the Road Again: Happy birthday, Jack Kerouac. R [NYLON Magazine]

Ana de la Reguera is Watching Squirrels

Mavis Lives: Jeff Tweedy penned a tune for Mavis Staples, and it’s pretty good. But does this mean he’s forgotten about Levon? [Pitchfork]

On the Page: The chaps at Secret Forts dig up Kerouac’s typewriter and manuscript scroll for On the Road. [Secret Forts]

One More for the Road: Science is a wash on the hair of the dog as a hangover cure. We’re pretty sure whatever else they’re working on is less important. [Good, Bad and Bogus]

Tile by Tile: We just found our new favorite delftware-covered power plant. Those crazy Dutch… [Inhabitat]

I Remember You Well


New York has changed a lot in the past thirty years, and though there’s a lot more glass and concrete than there used to be, there are still a few dinosaurs creaking around.

For instance, the Chelsea Hotel. Founded in 1883, the hotel was a favorite of Mark Twain, and in more counter-cultural days was host to Jack Kerouac, Leonard Cohen, Marilyn Monroe and Bob Dylan, gaining notoriety with the stabbing death of Nancy Spungen.

More pics and info on Inside: The Chelsea Hotel»