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The Lennon Tapes

We’ve been on a John Lennon kick ever since his birthday this past weekend, and it’s led us to one of the better gems the Web has to offer.

Apparently Jann Wenner managed to sit down with Lennon for a three-hour interview in 1970, covering everything from the old Liverpool scene to the true definition of “a mood song.” And since the Web is generous, it’s all on iTunes for free.

It’s the kind of interview you don’t hear anymore—brutally honest and completely indifferent to how anyone else might feel about what he’s saying. If you don’t believe us, check six minutes into the second tape, when he gives an almost embarrassingly direct take on his own guitar playing, and a few hints as to the artistic and personal frustrations he was facing down in the Plastic Ono Band years.

And apparently “Daytripper” is actually about drugs.

Round and Round


Tomorrow marks the celebration of wistful anachronism that is Record Store Day, observed by heading out to your local vinyl outlet and picking up a platter or two. Normally we wouldn’t fall for such a transparent marketing gimmick, but, well…it’ll make you cooler.

There. We said it.

Of course, you’ll also need a turntable handy (and a pre-amp, and a receiver), but given the amount of energy a gentleman expends on keeping up appearances, that’s really not that much to ask. You don’t have to ditch your iTunes account or anything, but it’s nice to have a few albums you can hold in your hands. Think of them as crackly, analog special editions.

One Less Brick in the Wall


Score one for the album form. Pink Floyd just won a case against EMI guaranteeing their albums can never be broken up. Translation: If you want to put “Money” on your next mixtape, you’ll have to pick up the whole album. No singles, no solo mp3 sales, and no compromises.

It’s good news for anyone who’s worried about the long-player surviving into the internet age. (iTunes LP certainly wasn’t doing anyone any favors.) We suggest breaking out your copy of Animals in celebration—and don’t feel bad about skipping the filler.